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Erick, at the risk of being patronizing, let me explain the concept of a dog whistle: While dogs can hear it, regular people will be completely unaware.

Regular people (that is, who are not anti-Semitic) may view George Soros merely as a malevolent benefactor of progressive causes, and I suspect that this is the actual context that you were trying to convey. However, many anti-Semites view him as the latest iteration of a long and ongoing Jewish conspiracy to undermine Western civilization. When they read "Soros-backed progressive prosecutor," that is what they hear. And the more they hear it, the more they believe it, and believe that others (such as you) believe it as well.

Just so you know.

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I hate to even think of all the blowback your getting for this Erick! You have stated this quite clearly. All I can say is my wife would not be nearly as understanding regarding such stupidity ... at least, not without her now carrying them family jewels around in her purse. “Them” are the facts in my world!

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Thank you for plain facts. We're all sinners, but Trump's an unrepentant one who uses bluster and insult to steer us from the hard truths about him. The one thing I would contend is that I believe, more and more, the Left WANTS Trump to be Biden's opponent and more and more they are not trying to completely destroy him, so to keep him in there to ward off the better Republican candidates, led by DeSantis. Biden had a 49% (!) approval rating in the Rasmussen poll a few days ago. Even when he was down at 42% he was tied with or slightly ahead of Trump in a matchup. If the Dems/Left play this right, they could keep the endless Trump circuses going, including his slanders and name-tagging against DeSantis and others, while still allowing self-immolating Republican voters to put Donald over the top in the primary and burn the party to the ground on Election Day 2024.

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Two observations, Erick:

1. All this can only result in additional (perhaps) earned sympathy and support for President Trump with the Republican electorate. Consequently, I suspect Ron DeSantis would be better served waiting until 2028, although that does open the possibility of a second Biden term, which would be an unmitigated disaster for America.

2. The short-term loser here may well be Alvin Bragg. Even if he does secure an indictment against Trump - an increasingly doubtful proposition in my opinion, he can look forward to a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee asking him why he's trying to involve himself in a prosecution which hinges on his not staying in his lane by bringing possible Federal campaign law violations which have been discounted by the FEC and the DOJ by way of the Southern District of NY prosecutor's office. Hopefully, NY AG Letitia James will also pay close attention to this as well.

All this said, we conservatives may well be the long-term losers. Having Trump as the 2024 nominee may well give us four more years of Grandpa Dementia and Word Salad Kammy, which really is a fate worse than death.

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The point you make is persuasive, but the language you choose, especially in the opening paragraph, prevent me from sharing it with others as I would have liked. I fall short of the mark sometimes, too. I know you can do better in expressing an otherwise sound opinion.

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No two bigger ho dogs have gone through DC than JFK, ahd MLK, Jr. That being said, the DA's dog and pony acts will implode with great whip lash to the chagrin of many. Joe Biden will not be in office come 12-31-2023, (nor Kam), as JB will be removed by death or 25th amendment subsequent to the removal of Kam..

A tsunami of volcanic eruptions of corruption disclosures is imminent. You will also discover the West (US) and Ukraine corruption including JB and Zelenskey. The Russian Ukraine encounters will be over in a few months and Ukraine will be divided into 2 parts and no longer a Ukraine. Tribunals will be held for the corruption of monies and actions. Trump only has to repent to GOD and to no man and that would include the POPE as he can not forgive sin. God will hear the prayers of the Believing Remnant in US, but all other prayers will be discharged other than prayer of repentance.


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Not your best effort, Erick…your language belies your Christian faith…you disappoint me….

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Honestly I feel about this pretty much the way I feel about the Feds finally getting Al Capone (who was also quite popular with his "base") for tax evasion, the least of his crimes: I don't care. I understand the precedent being set is not a good one. I understand the guy pursuing the case against Trump is a lefty obsessed with "getting Trump" by any means possible. But after supporting Trump twice (with reservations) I was deeply disgusted with his behavior after his 2020 loss: the lies, the brazen scheming, the crazy theories he ate up, the sly encouragement to "be wild" at the Capitol on January 6. If this will actually throw a wrench in Trump's ugly machine, I'm not sorry about it. My only fear is that it may actually throw a lifeline to his faltering campaign. So tired of his toxic schtick.

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With all due respect, Erick should have stayed on vacation. This was nothing more than "nyah, nyah, I told you so." I was hoping that there would be a little more in-depth analysis as to where the indictment and arrest of a former president of the opposing party might lead.

Erick, you have just restated the obvious, that Trump had an affair and lied about it and some Democrat prosecutor is going after him. Although I would argue that if Trump wasn't running for reelection this would have never happened. Be that as it may, when you return from the beach let's hear some analysis on where this all might lead. That would be more informative.

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You said, “I suspect most Americans will get tired of the soap opera and would rather Biden again than Whiner in Chief with no impulse control.” I don’t think so!

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I agree with Joe's comments about us not knowing the truth about the alleged affair and also about the media and the federal bureaucracy putting their thumb on the scale during the 2020 election. That alone is reason enough to say the election was questionable to say the least. There I said it. Erick's point is probably if it walks like a duck and acts like it duck, it may be a duck.

My bigger issue is that Trump called his supporters to go out and protest. He knows what happened the last time he did that. The likelihood that protestors could be Ray Epps'd I think is huge and Trump is apparently willing to put his supporters in jeopardy. I would have respected Trump saying, with what he knows happened on Jan 6, that people should stay home if he is arrested and do not put themselves at risk. But he didn't do that. Which leads me to further think that Trump is for Trump and we do not need that. We must have a Republican candidate that knows the Constitution, respects fully the rule of law and demands it apply equally to all. The people running the Biden Administration must be defeated in 2024. I think there may be a good chance that the Democrats want Trump to be the nominee.

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W O W.....just when I was beginning to think I needed to switch off until you came back from the beach....BAM.

I found it interesting that the virtual appearance was "off the table". I can imagine Trump would want the perp walk to energize a block of voters so large it overwhelms the primaries.

I recently wrote that I had cancelled my streaming services, restocked by bourbon, and bought a fresh box of Cubans. I say again, save your money on streaming because this is getting gooooood.

Something tells me that once your buddies on CNN read your post they will want you on to discuss.

again....W O W


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Perhaps, but McCain was vindictive. It went totally south when McCain voted thumbs down for Obamacare repeal. I think we’re in very different times. Playing nice in the sandbox created the mess we’re in geopolitically, economically and culturally. The time for nice is long gone.

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"to find out if a former President was going to be indicted had that former President kept his dick in his pants and not cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star."

I think for the people clutching this moral cudgel against Trump it is both a convenient medication to make them feel better about what is just a level of personal hate.


Really, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

I bet, out of the population of people that have convinced themselves that the known liar and gold-digger Stormy Daniels, plus the hot-mic comment by Trump... both nearly and greater than 20 years ago, respectively... sufficiently brand Trump as a deviant and immoral choice for that rarefied air of high and mighty Republican morality... MOST are guilty of similar if not worse.

I hate to think about if any of my locker-room and male-on-male talk of my younger days got recorded and replayed.

Come on man. Grow up people. Access your thinking apparatus.

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Trump is on social media today ranting about DeSantis. He reposted that stupid fuzzy pic that is supposed to be DeSantis with young girls--the one that Democrats floated when he ran for office insinuating he was corrupting young girls but it was debunked. Trump also hinted DeSantis could be gay. Bottomline, if Trump goes down he will do everything possible to ensure DeSantis is taken out of the running, too. This is the real Trump at work and he makes me sick. That said, Alvin Bragg needs to be stopped from political prosecutions and worry about the rise of crime in the state of NY.

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That’s going to call for more whiskey, cigars, and hot tubs !!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation maybe ???!!!

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