Tim Scott Dominates the Coverage Over Biden

I’m not sure the last time the opposing party’s response drew more coverage than the sitting President’s address to a joint session of Congress, but Tim Scott has done it. He’s done it in a way that outfoxes the progressives.

By declaring America is not a racist nation, Scott is facing an incoming barrage from the intellectual elite of the left denouncing him. But that actually puts Scott in the driver’s seat and allows the GOP to use the incoming fire against the left.

Ibram Kendi, the “anti-racist” who advocates reverse, punitive racism as a cure, actually suggested on social media that Scott, a black man from South Carolina, was racist for denying the nation is racist.

And that leads me to a point that shouldn’t be controversial.

People like Kendi get a seat at the table of white elites by telling them what they want to hear. White elite secularists believe the United States is racist. Kendi may believe it too. But just ask yourself where Kendi would be if he didn’t believe it.

CBS News, the New York Times, etc. would totally ignore Kendi because the white people in charge of those organizations first believed the United States is inherently bad and then found non-white voices to use to amplify their message.

Having Joy Behar on The View lecture a black man from South Carolina on systemic racism is part of this. Behar probably doesn’t even know what it means, but the rich, white elite use the buzzword, so she will too. Rich white people who don’t know Jesus tend to run in herds and do weird things like juice cleanses, pilates, veganism, and anti-racist training.

People like Tim Scott and others who reject the idea that the United States is a racist nation have to be silenced and treated as racists by the Neo-racist progressives. Those people, having replaced God with government, need an original sin narrative. They settled on racism. They’ll burn any dissenter as a heretic like the Pharisees crucifying Jesus for not telling them what they wanted to hear.

But by vilifying Scott and rhetorically trying to crucify him for speaking the truth, what they’re doing is elevating exposure for Scott, allowing him to amplify his message, and exposing how must the progressive wokes really hate this country.

The left played into Tim Scott’s hands and are themselves reminding Americans how out of touch the elite tastemakers and opinion setters are.

The proof is in the coverage. Two days after Joe Biden’s first address to Congress, more people are talking about Tim Scott’s response than Joe Biden’s speech.