Time to Revisit Impeachment

On the matter of the election, as it pertains to the President, I must refer you again to this piece on voter fraud and the substantive complaints by the President’s team. I’m not prepared to claim the race is stolen. The various videos, etc. that are being sent my way are not only being debunked pretty rapidly, but I find it highly notable that the President’s team has not yet put those in lawsuits.

If and when the President’s team documents these acts in lawsuits, I will take them very seriously. We should not rule out fraud and stolen votes. We should not take it by faith either. Even with Jesus, there is evidence for the faith. I want to wait and see what turns up.

The President has legitimate claims that need to be addressed without the distraction of viral videos that turn out not to be true that then discredit or distract from the legitimate concerns.

Now, let’s review impeachment.

What exactly did it get the Democrats? As of right now, it got them nothing. In fact, no Democrats even campaigned on impeaching the President.

But it got the Democrats enough of a media affirmation echo chamber that they decided they could do no wrong.

Pelosi stymied a stimulus package and the media praised her savvy.

Pelosi launched an investigation into the postal service and the media praised her savvy.

Pelosi and the Democrats affirmed Black Lives Matter and defended Antifa and the media praised and affirmed them while dismissing concerns about the groups.

And now where do the Democrats stand?

They most likely will not take back the Senate. David Perdue outperformed Donald Trump in Georgia and Kelly Loeffler very nearly could have won outright had Doug Collins not jumped in. They’ll outpace the Democrats in January.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are losing their grip on the House. The GOP does not have enough wins moving forward to take it back but will come damn close.

The GOP picked up a state legislative chamber in Alaska. They solidified their holds on the Arizona Senate and Minnesota Senate — both of which they were expected to lose. As of about eight hours ago, it is also now confirmed the GOP won both houses of the New Hampshire legislature thereby giving the GOP total control of that state.

The GOP locked in their bicameral grip on the Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida legislatures, which will give them carte blanche to draw new lines for a total of 92 (!!!!) congressional seats in 2022.

The GOP now controls 60% of state legislative chambers and over 50% of state governors’ mansions. They will keep the Senate. They have eroded the House Democrats. The party that controls the White House, tending to do badly in off-year elections, will do even worse after the GOP finishes the 2021 redistricting process.

Most importantly, with the distraction of impeachment and the hallelujah chorus of affirmation from the American political press, the Democrats never saw it coming and doubled down on the stupidity that rallied voters to the GOP. Just last night, in a widely leaked call among House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi claimed they had a mandate.

Just remember Chris Cuomo praising Antifa on CNN and all the Democrats telling you it really isn’t a thing. Just remember the media and Democrats condemning Americans for wanting to get out of lockdown just months before the media and Democrats encouraged Black Live Matters protestors and excused their burning down America.

The incestuous relationship of the press and DNC allowed a Republican wave to sweep through middle America on Tuesday night and they never expected it or saw it coming. In fact, it is really funny how Democrats and the media are always surprised when Republicans do well.

For years now, the Democrats and media have echoed each other that the GOP was a dwindling party of Southern and Rust Belt regionalism. Well, that regional party is about to carve up a majority of states with a redistricting knife that neither the press nor Democrats ever saw coming. That supposedly monolithically white party even saw Hispanic dominated counties in Colorado move right while white Colorado stayed on the left.

While a lot of Republicans are taking a view by faith that the presidential election is being stolen, I interpret the results very simply. Contrary to what the media and Democrats have been claiming the past few years, America is more culturally conservative than the left believed. On Tuesday, Americans went for the guy they perceived as nicer with less drama than the incumbent President, but then surrounded the new guy with all the people who like President Trump’s policies so the new guy can give them a respite from the drama without any ability to roll back President Trump’s agenda.

The Republicans will be able to pay back the Democrats for using leftwing judges to block President Trump’s executive orders by now using rightwing judges to do the same to Biden. They’ll be able to use state attorneys general to sue the Biden regulatory state, just as Democrats did to Trump. They’ll be able to use a Republican Senate to block Biden’s progressive judges, far left cabinet picks, and policy proposals. And then they’ll be able to use Republican state legislatures to eradicate the Anitfa/BLM apologists from Congress through redistricting.

Democrats, with a media that does nothing but hump their leg, will keep Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as their congressional faces with zero push back from their fanboys in the press.

We will not have President Trump much longer, but I’ll gladly take the rest of the GOP’s wins with Amy Coney Barrett as the icing on the cake.

When Democrats decided to impeach President Trump, multiple Republicans, myself included, warned them that Bill Clinton’s impeachment hurt the GOP in the following election. But the loudest voices in the press reassured the Democrats that this was different because no one liked Trump. The media egged on the Democrats to their righteous cause.

Impeachment worked out so well. Bravo, Democrats. Bravo.

PS — Maybe we should wait for Stacey Abrams to concede 2018 before calling on President Trump to concede.