Apr 24, 2020 • 1M

To Drink Bleach or Not

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Erick-Woods Erickson
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This should not be a news story. If the media did not suffer Trump Derangement Syndrome, it would not be a news story. The media is treating this like the hydroxychloroquine stuff and it is fundamentally different.

In this case, President Trump’s advisor advised that bleach and disinfects kill the virus. Surprise! Not sure if you would have known that without a presidential advisor telling you. Likewise, sunlight is a disinfectant. Again, surprise. Hasn’t your mom ever told you to get outside to get sunshine?

You can hear the President ask the question in the audio above.

Let’s break it down.

The President asks if there is a way to get UV light into someone through their skin. There actually is. It is called a tanning bed. But that’s beside the point. The President was not suggesting people do it. He very clearly says the experts need to test it.

The same goes for disinfectants. He actually says the medical doctors need to test it. He never suggests a home remedy. He never suggests you try it at home. He simply never suggested it. You can hear the audio yourself. He is talking about testing by experts.

You can think it is silly. I do. You can think there is such a thing as a dumb question and this was it. I do. But to think the President is suggesting you try it is even dumber.

Ultimately, this is about the press thinking you people are too stupid to know the difference. There are surveys being touted that the public does not use the President’s statements about the virus to guide their lives. But the media acts like the public does that.

It was the media going nuts that turned this into a story. It was the media amplifying this that forced Lysol to release a statement advising people not to ingest Lysol. The President did not do any of that. He asked a dumb question but he made sure to phrase it in terms of needing testing and research.

That the media think he was advising people to drink bleach really speaks poorly of the media and reveals just how stupid the reporters think people are.