Most important part of the article is this: "Raphael Warnock ... is a far-left progressive but strikes people as an affable, likable guy. They pay attention to him, not his record, and that's something Republicans have to remember. You got to pay attention to the people, not just the record."

This is what too many Republicans still don't understand.

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I have no reason to doubt your report on what Trump said. I just refuse to understand it! If Donald Trump truly stated that it would be OK for Stacy Abrams to be governor of Georgia then I can no longer trust his sanity.

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Im so glad many of you are finally seeing the light regarding Trump. Thank you!

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Erick please refer us all to the source of the internal polling.

Creative Destruction Media

Richard Baris

Is that the internal polling you speak of?

Here is a quote from Richard Baris

“President Donald J. Trump is the kingmaker in Georgia. However, if he chooses to sit out the gubernatorial primary, then Governor Kemp will have the edge,” Mr. Baris added. “If he does not, then whomever he endorses will benefit greatly and likely win the nomination.”

If President Trump endorsed Vernon Jones all of the undecided would change to VJ and that would give him at least a runoff.

The others would drop and Vernon Jones would win the runoff.

Brian Kemp cannot beat Honey Bagger

Stacy Abrams. Not with the drop box.

Not with Stacy's Voting Laws

Vernon Jones was with Steve Bannon on War Room Pandemic

He said he is the only one that can beat Stacy Honey Bagger Abrams.

They cannot play the super all powerful


I think he is right and if Trump does endorse him he will have my vote.

Thank you Sir for your show and this forum.

Macon Georgia now Marietta Georgia


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President Trump's best governing trait is also his worst political one; his tendency to trust his instincts. As President, he was absolutely spot on when he campaigned, and later governed, on items like tax cuts, confronting "The Swamp" on a regular basis, moving American foreign policy in the direction of promoting America's valid national interest ahead of blind fealty to globalist interests, and slanting his domestic policy towards the vast majority of Americans rather than those on either extreme. What appeared to his critics to be shooting from the hip was actually a well thought out and executed approach to America's present and future. When applied to the nuts and bolts of politics, however, that approach has been far less successful, and even harmful to him.

I can't seriously believe that he'd want a radical Marxist race hustler like Stacy Abrams as Georgia's next governor, and suspect that he's using an indirect way of telling Georgia Republicans that they can and must do better than Brian Kemp if they hope to retain control of that governorship. That's exactly the type of thing which gets establishment Republicans nervous about his ability to be a solid asset campaigning for down ticket Republican candidates. It also, along with his antipathy towards what he see as the party regulars' excessive dislike of pursuing American inrerests first, explains why said establishment Republicans so dislike and distrust him.

Like it or not, Brian Kemp is, IMO, Georgia Republicans' best hope to keep the Georgia governorship in GOP hands. Abrams has made it a point to align herself with her fellow racicals in Congress; now, with Congressional progressives seemingly intent on getting their own way at the national level at the rixk of tearing the Democrat Party apart, it seems apparent that she backed the wrong horse in this race. Far better for President Trump to insist less on personal loyalty to him as a prerequisite for his support, and show that he can suppress his gut instincts for the good of the Republican Party at all levels.

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He cost us 2020. He is on track to cost us 2022. If it continues, he will lose for us in 2024. Trump needs to be gone and let Republicans find a true leader. I've been looking at Nikki Haley for '24. But I look at both sides. Please don't kill me. I know it is heretical. But I really like the approach of Tulsi Gabbard. I think Nikki Haley with Tulsi Gabbard as VP would be unbeatable. Bipartisan and who could vote against it. Amazingly enough, they both appear to be sane. I know, it could never happen.

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Trump has incredible gut instinct combined with cortical blindness to his faults. To push Stacey Abrams reveals unfathomable narcissism. When he gets thumped in the '24 primary he will no doubt raise hell, and the 12 remaining Trump loyalists will probably try something stupid - and that will be that

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Trump has already given the Dems the 2 Georgia Senate seats, why not the governorship. The prideful, sleazy, vindictive loser of the 2020 Presidential election will not stop until he has remade the GOP into the Cult of the Orange Turd.

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I voted for Trump twice (what choice did I have) but I don't want him back. And any doubt I had about that was removed when he said we should vote for Abrams over Kemp. Sorry, that dog don't hunt.

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Face it. Abrams is the next Governor. You heard it here first. God help us!

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I really appreciate you and your work. I don’t always agree with you but I value your opinion. In this situation regarding Kemp and Shafer, there are simply things you don’t know that would no doubt soften your position here. This situation has been brewing for five months. It hit a crescendo in a heated meeting ten days ago. Everything has consequences these days. Kemp bought this issue.

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I do not understand the worship of Trump.

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