Erick, your concise reporting on the historical significance of these highest Court issues is amazing. Good job! in providing relevant facts and back story re the intense politics surrounding these very important Senatorial appointments.

During the Bork debacle, I wasn't paying attention. I never understood--until reading your synopsis here--what the big deal was. Likewise for the filibuster battle.

As a childhood Catholic who turned born again who turned radical centrist, I commend you for absolutely informing the public about these very important issues.

Keep up the good work.

Oh, and I do surmise that Judge Barrett's addition to the Supreme Court will be appropriate in the prospect of the immanent Biden administration. We will need a conservative court with Democrats running the country.

This present situation, both economically and politically, presents an eerie similarity to the 1930's . . . Hoover, Roosevelt, New Deal . . . Trump, Biden, Green New Deal.

One last thought: thank God for John Roberts who holds the Court, and in some ways this USA, together during these days of such intense political rancor.

God bless America!

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I agree that the fight over the Supreme Court is worth it. But for a similar reason, the fight over the Senate and/or the Presidency are also worth it. The influence these political offices have can impact the daily lives of millions of people for decades. To focus on the wide gap between Democratic and Republican policy preferences for these offices is not antithetical to giving God top priority, as some of Erick's other posts on Trumpism suggest. Like science, politics overlaps with Biblical Christianity, but in many areas it is mutually exclusive (as in Jesus' statement about giving to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's - Matthew 22:21).

Although the GOP establishment may be playing the odds with Senate races and appointing Barrett to SCOTUS, I don't think that is true for the GOP base. I believe the base would rather fight for nominees/candidates that support its policy preferences than to settle for candidates who will vote with progressives. If the only way to win elections and avoid major confirmation battles is to select candidates who will vote to implement anti-conservative and anti-Biblical policies, what exactly has been won?

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Irony of ironies, Robert Bork passed away while Obama was president. The Democrats could have filled that seat.

Instead, Kennedy lived a few years longer, resigned under Trump, and was replaced by… Kavanagh.

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So do you believe that the avenging of Bork, will actually even the score?

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Not really

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I agree and In this period of our history I don’t think anything will even the score short of those in the left achieving total replacement of our fundamental principles. We need to heed the call of Maximus Decimus Meridius and “unleash Hell!”

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