That is the best summary of today's (meaning "today's", 6-25-21) politics coming from left or right. You da MAN

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Good piece, Erick.

I believe that the Biden administration has joined the ranks of the Twitterati, or at least that segment of it which believes that symbolism is more important than substance.

If H.R. 1/S. 1 is viewed as a purely symbolic exercise - something Republicans can also do quite well - then the point is to show the Bubbas that “we care”. Similarly, this planned visit of VP Kammy to the border, without going within 800 miles of the area around McAllen, where the worst of the chaos is happening, is the same thing in reference to a different “problem”; one the Democrats really don’t mind having. That any thinking person will see through this is irrelevant; the appearances alone are enough.

The Bidenauts think that appearances alone will be enough. The Republicans already see through this charade, and when the Marxist radicals do - if they haven’t already - Democrats will have a major credibility problem on their hands just in time for the midterms.

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Thanks for your report.

Even though, as a radical centrist, I voted for Joe instead of the loser, I knew that this would happen. I know Democrats because I used to be one and I have kept my eye on them.

I knew this foolishness would be ushered in when the Dems took over. Even so, we are still in better shape that we were under the reign of a treasonous loser.

Now is the time for any good Republican statesman to step up, to rescue the GOP from the post-loser fallout. We need a Republican who, like Biden, knows our .gov (the deepstate) like the back of his hand, and can begin the long process of delivering us into a fresh new vision of America, which is still great!

Our faltering nation does not need a rerun with the loser who chose to assault our primary governing point instead of accepting his fate.

Republican statesmen, where are you? Step forward.

And guess what, Erick. It could be you! Your assessment of our situation always makes more sense than anybody else's. Maybe 2024 will be your time to step away from the radio microphone and take hold of the reins of .gov!

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witter is not only unreal, it is the Potemkim Village of the social media world. How many readers here are part of the Twitter world? I know dozens of people who participate on Facebook and not a single person who tweets. Most sane people understand that participating in tweeting would be like walking into a bar full of strangers wanting to know everyone's opinion about everything and at the same time assuming that every patron wants to know your opinion. This is insane. No one acts this way in the real world.

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One last thing regarding policies and new programs...these are things that should live or die on their own merit and do not need to be solid like dish soap or the latest brand of miracle cure skin soap. For the People, American Family Plan, The Green New Deal, Build Back Better - all sound like efforts to sell new cars. The branding of programs and ideas is sickening and makes my head explode! Trite, stupid and worth nothing!

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I am happy to see you continue these two themes running together.

The First - that there are "messaging" pieces of legislation that are rarely intended to pass both houses, but are just wordy lemmings for the herd to follow along to pacify their need to have certain issues to ring the bell around.

The Second - that pretty much nobody out there believes Twitter and the mind numbing trash it peddles to keep people who actually read and believe this crap aroused and thrashing around like dying fish on the sand.

Thanks for reminding us (and all your new listeners around the nation who've never heard anyone analyze these things in detail that you provide) that soooo many people don't pay attention to Twitter, only want life to continue without the Insane Greek Chorus in the background shrieking about extremes of one kind or another, and will solidly keep moving forward every day and not read anything on Twitter and only a tiny bit on Facebook.

I'm hoping that you keep this up because more people need to hear it and hear it often so they don't believe that they're out there alone as they Keep Calm and Carry On!

The Democrats are reaping the whirlwind of their orgasmic fantasies about what they're going to do to all of us when they get power. It ain't workin folks!

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Is it telling about one’s mental state when they try to form reality around their worldview instead of forming their worldview around reality?

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Just as an aside, I am “sick unto death“ of the term “progressive.“ It should be eradicated from the political lexicon and used only when pertinent in discussing (1) small group dinners or (2) certain diseases.

If even the late great William F Buckley were to rise from the grave and use it, I will never again tolerate “progressive “ in my own writing. It’s deceptive—on the level of “Work makes you free” on the front gate of German concentration camps. Deceptive.

Choose an accurate term. Left-wing works.

(In my own private lexicon, it’s a synonym for “demonic.” John 10:10 applies.)

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Progressives exist in a state of cognitive dissonance, for the most part. How else to explain that they firmly believe that "marginalized people" are incapable of obtaining ID or following simple instructions to vote...and that those same "marginalized people" are fully qualified to make policy decisions for the rest of us?

Stacey Abrams voters (in)famously chanted "Elect Black Women", and would have seriously lost their minds if Brian Kemp voters had chanted "Elect White Men".

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Great article Erick! With every misstep their neo-Marxist agenda gets weaker and weaker. The vast majority of this country doesn’t want it.

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Thank you. This is why I subscribe.

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