Yet another reason I'm glad I stopped subscribing to AJC several years ago. Too "woke" for me.

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When are they going to cancel the late Democratic Senator Robert Byrd for his former life in the KKK? He also voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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This is exactly the same as people walking by Confederate statues their whole lives, and not realizing they should be offended, until someone tells them they should be. smh

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Okay, this guest columnist teacher is to be celebrated because she evolved in her understanding of racism, but Dr. Seuss is to be canceled because he evolved in his?

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In 1779, notorious slave trader, John Newton , penned these lyrics:

Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost, but now I'm found

Was blind, but now I see

* * *

John, it’s high time you got cancelled…

(We checked out your history!)

Your disgraceful past is dreadful,

You promoted slavery!

You’re a wretch, an evil villain!

You can’t hide behind your songs.

We’re the new kids on the block now,

And our memory is long.

At long last, we have decided

All your pretty tunes must go.

You can’t fool us any longer.

We got woke, and now we know.

You’ve had grace enough…That’s certain.

Time to pay the piper now!

You’ve disgraced the human race, sir.

Some things we just can’t allow.

* * *

“When I was young, I was sure of many things; now there are only two things of which I am sure: one is, that I am a miserable sinner; and the other, that Christ is an all-sufficient Saviour. He is well-taught who learns these two lessons.” – John Newton

* * *

“Thus those who are employed in poisoning souls, generally make use of some important and beneficial truth, as a vehicle by which they convey their malignant drug into the minds of the unwary!” – John Newton

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Can't we just enjoy the perks of woke-dom? I, for one, kept losing all the piece parts of my potato head family and this will just simplify life. I also can't wait for Lego to make all their humans unics...again, life simplification. Next, I say all people simply get a bowl cut...or maybe all should just shave their heads, so that folks like me losing their hair don't feel bad about ourselves, follow this with grey uniforms for all....

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Well, this is disheartening. But for the time being, my my title1 school is proudly celebrating Dr. Seuss week right now! I hope no one here “wokes up!”

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So we know what the problem is. It’s time to reverse cancel. Vote with your dollars and feet. Walk away. Be strong. You can do it. For example, I cancelled my Disney+ subscription and sold all my Disney stock after they cancelled GC. Support those businesses and entities that embrace your values. Walk away, as best as possible, from the rest. If enough people do it, it will have an impact. Plus never be afraid to call stupid out...

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These are desperately angry people in search of outrage. Trump is out, Dems "own" the Capitol & WH, yet for these folks whose preferred emotion is anger coupled with a commitment to victimhood, crusades must be mounted even if it means manufacturing a fight out of thin air.

One might note that nowhere do we read in Scripture that rage, victimhood, resentment, hatred, violence, etc al, are Fruit of the Spirit. For some, these attributes appear to be preferred over love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

Ye shall know them by their fruit.

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"This is where they're headed, censoring everything they don't like and demanding we stop reading it," It's not things they don't like - they're censoring everything they are reasonably certain won't just give them the middle finger (or worse)

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I can't even imagine what comes next. People, where are we going. Why can't we cancel planned parenthood? It should be for obvious reasons, but it's founder was the biggest bigot of all, Margaret Sanger.

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Dr. Seuss, The Grinch is trolling….

Deconstruction is his game.

Christmas?....That was just for starters.

Western Culture is his aim.

Sorry, Seuss,…he’s got your number.

Yes, he’s coming after you.

You can’t fool the Grinch forever.

(Even if you voted blue.)

* * *

“Tolerance” takes on new meaning

When the Grinch strolls into town.

Yes, his plans are quite progressive….

“Let’s just burn the whole thing down!”

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I have attended many company meetings where management wanted all voices heard and it quickly became evident that some of those voices come from fools and idiots. So many voices from the left are those with odd, misplaced visions, and lack of understanding of intent and purpose on the subject at hand that I heard at company meetings. Should all voices be heard? Yes. Should we act on everything those voices say? No.

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Now I feel the need to go find and purchase a complete set of original Dr Seuss books for my great grand babies. But does it surprise me that "educators" are joining in on this? Not at all. Especially after coming into possession of a magazine distributed by the Southern Poverty Law center to educators promoting what they actually call "radical education", and describe in detail how to teach "activism" in every subject, in grades K-12. It is the most outrageous, dangerous, and horrific brainwashing of children you can imagine. I wish every parent could get a look at this magazine. You would get your kids out of public schools in an instant. Sorry, I am no longer in the group who assumes that "our teachers are good". If they have seen this magazine, if they are using even one of the video lessons, one of the suggested teaching methods, they are the enemy of your kids and your family.

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I had a friend declare long ago that "some people are educated beyond their intelligence", the further we go down this road it proves to be ever increasingly true. Would anyone like to tell me what to think and feel today? I cannot figure it out on my own!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Suess! I encouraged my wife, who teaches kindergarten, to, "Go and FIGHT for Dr. Seuss today." As I described Woke-o-harem's position, and then did my very best impression of #44 (not Hammering Hank) we had a nice smile about the absuridity. It was then explained to me that Barack H. O'BAMA will never be canceled be he too is a VICTIM and just didn't know better. The air was let out of the balloon as it was reinforced that cancel culture decides what to cancel and the only standards are their standards that say they cancel what they want to cancel because they want to cancel it. Do they ever uncancel anything, or do they ever fail at canceling when reasonable people ignore the ridiculous call to censorship? (Asking for a friend.)

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