Sitemap - 2020 - Erick Erickson's Show Notes

Regarding Josh Hawley

You People Are Shameless Butt Monkeys

The GOP Still Has a Georgia Advantage

Kwanzaa: A Fraudulent Holiday for the Self-Absorbed

I interrupt my vacation to review Wonder Woman 1984.

Merry Christmas

Please Join Me Now

Do You Hear the Bells?

Down in Georgia

Angel Choirs

I Believe These Things Are True

The Glorious Impossible

Senator Kelly Loeffler From the Campaign Trail

Focus on This Tech Story

David Perdue From the Campaign Trail

Republicans in Georgia Are Turning Out

Some Self-Reflection, Please

Marco Rubio on the Georgia Senate

Yes, This Is God's Sovereign Will

The Authenticity of the Virgin Birth

How Does a Fish Know It's Wet?

Evidence and Faith

Activists Begin Doxxing GOP Officials for Assassination

About the Texas Lawsuit

Is Jon Ossoff Compromised By China?

A Midweek Pause

How the F— Am I the Sane One?

BREAKING: Judge Dismisses Sidney Powell Lawsuit

Just a minute, please

Quid est veritas?

This is Disturbing

I'm Sorry. I Was Wrong. The Deep State Really Is Trying to Steal the Election.

Birth is Gross

Let’s Talk about the Georgia GOP’s Role in the Election

Yeah, I'm Going to Say This

A Deep Dive on the Georgia Runoff

The Return

Turn Your Turkey Into Gumbo

The Gun Tax is Coming

It is Time to Move On




Hope in Dark Times

The Media Is Not Telling You The Truth But The Truth Still Matters

🚨🚨People Need to be Fired

In His Own Words: Georgia's Secretary of State

The Reconstructed Narrative

On Georgia's Vote

An Evidence Based Faith

What Is Truth?

Evil is Watching


The Count, The Audit, and The Crazy

Head's Up

Here's What You Need to Know About Georgia

On Voter Fraud and the Supreme Court Taking the Case

Just a friendly reminder

Where Does Mark Zuckerberg Go For The Apology He’s Owed?

Time to Revisit Impeachment

Stolen, Stealing, and Procedure

Messenger vs. Message

One Further Thought


Can I have your attention for a minute, please?

An Error Fix

If I Had to Guess

I Don't Know

What Comes Next?

Gonna Make You Mad This Morning

Nikki Haley From the Campaign Trail

I Forgot

A Few Thoughts Five Days Out

A Conversation with Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma

Tony Bobulinski Speaks

The Election Should Not Be Held Hostage By Slackasses

Hey There

You Need to See This

That Was Good

Twelve Days to Go

Tom Cotton on the Now and Future of the GOP

Indecisive Help on Collins vs Loeffler

Rudy Guiliani and the Hunter Biden Laptop

Zooming and Toobin

A Tale of Two Stories With Common Facts

For Georgia Voters

Let Me Get This Straight

Secretary of State Pompeo

The Path Forward for Amy Coney Barrett

The Left Goes 1984

20 Days Out: Here's the Most Important Question

Democrats' Brains Break

No Reason to be Reasonable

25 Days Left: Stupidity Steps Into the Breach

26 Days

27 Days Left: A Private Update

Where Are We?

A Healthy View of the Virus

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Tsunami Warnings

Circling Back To The Trump Tax Story

What Was That?

It's Amy Coney Barrett

Interesting Explanation From a Democratic Strategist

Try to Understand the Fight

The GOP Senate Majority May Disappear

Help for the Persecuted

Negotiating With Terrorists

The Names

The Ratchet

Actions Have Consequences

An Inescapable Fight

Sunlight as Disinfectant

The Peace Deal is a Big Deal

America’s Systemic Racism Conspiracy

The Double Standard

Warnings in the PCA

Never Forget We Have Forgotten

Remember Them

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of (De)Light

The Tinkerbell in the Coal Mine

Democrats Are Ignoring Hispanic Voters At Their Own Risk

Polling the Polls

Leftwing Violence Started After Obama Said to Take Guns to Knife Fights

Biden 2020: Vote for Me or Your Cities Burn

I've Never Written This Before

A Storm Builds

Prepare Yourselves: Trump is Rebounding

That Actually Worked

An Interesting Path to Navigate

Yep, I Did Change

Last Night's Zoom Call

The Harris Head Scratcher

The Surgeon General Speaks

One More Note

Yep, I Did

The Post Office, With Apologies to Sam

The Israel-UAE Deal is Bigger Than You Know

QAnon is Gnosticism

Paging Team Trump: Here's Your Pivot Point on Biden-Harris

The Problem With Kamala Harris

Rand Paul on Fiscal Responsibility and the GOP

A Hill to Die On

The Media Wants To Tell You A Story, Not The Truth

Clean Your House

Yes, Trump Should Do This

Yorktown or Old North Bridge, Not the White House

Reality and Hope

Raging Against Peggy Noonan

The Stakes Are High

Herman Cain and the Inconvenience of Neighborliness

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

Distinguishing Tech


Regarding John McArthur's Church Service

Can't We Be Friends?

The Craziest Thing Being Said on TV Today

Let Portland Burn

Daddy Political

On the Passing of John Lewis

On the Calvinball Field

Common Core Tries to Buy a Senate Seat

Shake-Ups, Texas, and Fair Hearings

Trump to Georgia: A Conversation With Brian Kemp

The Blind Leading the Blind

I Need Your Attention


I'm Back And You'll Hate This

Have Y'all Seen This?

A Provocative Thought That Should Not Be Provocative

Independence Day

CDC Director Robert Redfield

A More Perfect Union

John Bolton's Interview

What do the experts say?

Paradigm Shifts Still

John Roberts, Restrainer-In-Chief

If The Election Were Today

Groaning for Justice: The Theology of What is Happening

The Sin of Wokeness

Georgia Republicans Kill HOPE

President Trump Needs to Fire People

Fathers Matter

What's Up With the Supreme Court?

The Atlanta Police Arrest is a Political Stunt

It Is Time to Break Up Google

There Will Be No Honest Talk About Race

The Idols Keep Crumbling

The Forgotten Ones

This Behavior Is Destructive to the President's Re-Election

He Cannot Save You

A Few Difficult Things

Test Everything; Hold to What is Good

The Status Quo of Virtue Signaling

Can Someone Get This to the President? Please?

Another Orbit

I Don't Know That This Helps the President

A Speech by Donald Trump to the Nation

There Will Be No Government Solution For This

About What Rush Limbaugh Said

Shameful and Gross

Silicon Valley Has a Problem

The Self-Congratulatory Front Page

Conversation With Vice President Pence


A Thing I Got Wrong on COVID-19: The DeSantis Response in Florida

Ravi Zacharias Goes Home

COVID-19 Truthers Come Out on the Left

A Republican Path to the Ballot Box in 2020

Open Eyes

Where Does Brian Kemp Go For an Apology?

What Is Truth?

An Intellectually Honest Movement, Please

A Serial Griller: Talking to Matt Moore About His New Cookbook

Shakespeare In Love With Stacey Abrams

On Shelley Luther: Let Me Make All Y'all Mad

Inequality is Real. The Left Misses the Boat on It.

Gracefully Flattening the Tara Reade Curve on China

COVID-19 and the Mark of the Beast

My Candid Thoughts on Joe Biden and Tara Reade

Opening Time

Tara Reade, Joe Biden, 2020, and Bad Journalism

What's the Real Number?

The Other Problem

To Drink Bleach or Not

The 5th Monday of the Week

Loyalty and Viruses

A Conversation With Walt Ehmer, CEO of Waffle House

The Data, Doubt, and Decision

Post-Pandemic Society: An Interview With Georgia's Governor on Reopening His State

Death Gets Partisan


A No Win Scenario, But Leadership Nonetheless

Good News

A Theology of Cities and The Pandemic

Models, Reality, and Coverage

Sonny Perdue on the Supply Chain

Here's the White House Plan to Reopen America

The Purpose of the Church Library

Why NYC Adjusted Its Death Count for COVID-19

Useful Data About the US Outbreak


To Reopen the Country, We Need an Articulable Plan ASAP

A Plan

He is Risen

The Evidence


Hey, Come Worship With Me Right Now

The Greatest Event in Human History

Mammon, Barabbas, Christ, and Pride

Two Sides of the Same Coin

More Important Things

Meant for Evil. Used for Good.

Where I Become the Story

The Killer Robots Are Here and They're Awesome

Y'all, God's Got This: Putting COVID-19 In Perspective

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: A Conversation

Accountability and Hydroxychloroquine

And Another Thing!

This is bugging me

The Press, the Virus, the Models, and Lives Saved

Useful COVID-19 Information and Links

Facts in a Skeptical Age

In the beginning…

Models, Math, and Facts on the Ground

Some good news

That Thing We Aren't Supposed to Say

As Fox's Leadership Changes, The Media Grieves Again

I Told You So. I Told You So. I Told You So.

Interview with Admiral Brett Giroir

Soap Opera Politics

The Blame Game Continues

Democrats Will Sabotage Your 401(K) Today. Federal Reserve Tries to Salvage Things.

Friday Evening in Isolation

Scandal, Plague, and the GOP Plan Must Die

COVID-19, the Economy, and Quarantines

"Wuhan Virus" is Not Racist

Russ Vought Nominated for OMB Director

COVID-19 Update for March 18th

The Proper Context for Blame

Your COVID-19 Update

Thoughts. I've Got Some.

The President Speaks

A Quick Note to Everyone

A Selfish People Socially Distance

A Sunday Evening COVID-19 Update

Today, In the Tent

Fear Not

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Talks About COVID-19's Spread in Georgia

Voices in the Wilderness

Toilet Paper Trumps Stimulus

Biden, Bugs, and the General

Allow Me to Be Annoyed

Truth in This Moment

The American Media Continues to Beclown Itself

Back to Where We Were

Coronavirus Update: Possible New Georgia Case

Sexism Killed Mike Bloomberg's Campaign

Elizabeth Warren Out. Media Can't Admit Her Campaign Sucked.

The Schumer Example of Media Bias

Bloomberg Suspending His Campaign

Biden Blew Bernie Out of the Water Last Night

Seriously, Applaud the Democrats Tonight

Governor Kemp Gives Coronavirus Update

Get Smart: Your Super Tuesday Primer

Coronavirus Spreads to Georgia

Some Reading About COVID-19

Less Defensiveness, More Honesty From the Press, Please

So Long Butter Judge

Weekend Coronavirus News

I Screwed Up

How Then Shall We Cry Wolf?

The Democrats' State of Play


A Fight Over Coal and Water Disrupts Georgia's Legislature

Millions Will Vote for a Man They Hate to Stop a Man They Loathe

The Media Begins Its Narrative Shifting For Bernie

Russia, Russia, Russia

Silly Season Comes to Georgia

Advantage: Bernie Sanders (and Donald Trump)

Polling the Polls

Some good news

The Metronomic Regularity of Waiting For the Shoe to Drop

Tom Cotton Raises a Question the Washington Post Fails to Debunk

The Russians Are Here (and Avenatti is not)

The Bloomberg Sin

#EERS S9 Ep28: Bill Barr’s Valentine to Trump

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Bill Barr’s Valentine to Trump

The Logical Consequences of a Half-Baked Impeachment

#EERS S9 Ep27: Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldiers Unite

#EERS S9 Ep26: The Media Burns Bernie

The Media Really Is Against Bernie. Wow.

The Democrats Won’t Consolidate. Biden Won’t Get Out. So Bernie Gains.

#EERS S9 Ep25: The Real Voting Begins Today

#EERS S9 Ep24: The Great Sanders Freak Out

The Moral Relativism On Both Side

The Moral Relativism of My Side

#EERS S9 Ep23: Off to the Races

#EERS S9 Ep22: Whatever Happened to Tuesday?

The Democrats’ Terrible Week = Donald Trump’s Best Week

Mitt Romney Marches to the Beat of His Own Drummer

#EERS S9 Ep21: Ripped Up State of the Union

Reality Dawns Post State of the Union

Nancy Pelosi’s Antics Don’t Actually Play As Well As Her Fanboy Press Corp Thinks

Best State of the Union Ever

#EERS S9 Ep20: Iowa LOLOL

#EERS S9 Ep19: Drip, Drip, Drip

#EERS S9 Ep18: The Witness Fight

Erickson: Doug Collins Is Making A Big Mistake

#EERS S9 Ep17: Collins v. Loeffler

#EERS S9 Ep16: Kobe

The intersection of life, politics, and faith in a divided America.

The White House Needs to Undo This ASAP

#EERS S9 Ep15: Two Strategies; One Painful Miserable Experience

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – Two Strategies; One Painful Miserable Experience

Here’s How Lame Yesterday Was in the Senate Impeachment Trial

The Sound, Fury, and Predictability

#EERS S9 Ep14: The Senate Snooze Fest Begins

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – The Senate Snooze Fest Begins

Watch Chief Justice Roberts Admonish the House Managers and President’s Counsel

Your Guide to Yesterday’s Impeachment Hearing For When You Hate Them All

Executive Privilege Should Not Apply at Impeachment Trials

#EERS S9 Ep13: 365 Days From a Presidential Inauguration

LIVE: The Erick Erickson Show – 365 Days From a Presidential Inauguration

TAKE ACTION: The Voters Should Decide the President’s Fate in November

#EERS S9 Ep12: The Trial of the Century

#EERS S9 Ep11: St. Parnas of the Avenatti

#EERS S9 Ep10: Democrats Pop The Champagne On Impeachment

#EERS S9 Ep9: Truist Impeachment Ever

#EERS S9 Ep8: Geaux Tigers and Go Away Impeachment

#EERS S9 Ep7: The New York Times got it wrong. Surprise.

#EERS S9 Ep6: Media: Orange Man Bad. Always Bad.

#EERS S9 Ep5: Functionally Impotent Ayatollah

#EERS S9 Ep4: The Ayatollah’s PR Machine

#EERS S9 Ep3: The Suleimani Fall Out

#EERS S9 Ep2: Slaying Monsters

#EERS S9 Ep1: No Impeachment Yet