Sitemap - 2021 - Erick Erickson's Show Notes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Let's Go Brandon

Sunday Sermon: The Lord's Brother Recognizes Him

Merry Christmas

It's Time

The Beginning of the End of History

This isn't about control. It is about arrogance.


Manchin Mania

One Group Fights Back When Schools Go Woke

The Filibuster

The texts, the documents, and the Christ

Hey, just an FYI

Faith, But Evidence

I still don't care about climate change

I need some help

The Only Issue Voters Care About

Jury Finds Jussie Smollett Guilty

Darkness Into Light

Young Democrats Are The Most Intolerant Americans

Senator Ted Cruz Clearly Explains What’s Happening in Ukraine

The Show for December 7th

Everything They Said Wouldn’t Happen is Happening

LISTEN: My Exclusive Conversation With Kelly Loeffler On Kemp, Perdue, and 2022.

We Already Have the Data. Roe Reversal Won't Help the Democrats

I'm on TV Shortly

Press Coverage of Biden Falls Like It Was Clinging to a Plane Out of Kabul

Reality vs. Mara Lago

Sen. Bob Dole Has Died

The Sunday Sermon: We all worship something.

LISTEN - Kemp on Abrams Challenge: I'm Ready for the Fight

The Buttigieg Issue

Rolling Back Roe

Why Christmas is on December 25th

An ER Doc Talks COVID

Abort Roe

A Car, On Its Own, Decided to Run Over People in Wisconsin

Don't Freak Out About Omicron

Thanksgiving 2021

Thank you all

The Democrat Brand is Broken

25,000 Meals


Does Comcast Want a Race War?

How to Stop Vigilantes 101

Homemade Gravy: Don’t Be Scared

When all you have is a shovel…

The Left Is About to Get Violent

I am concerned about the Left's coming return to violence and domestic terrorism

Doom for the Democrats

Into the Metaverse

"It's Not My Fault" is Costing Biden and His Democrats

Prepare Yourselves

The Race Hustling Gnostics of White Guilt Absolution

The Rage Directed at Aaron Rogers from the Press is Insane and Anti-Science

Gaslighting America

Is Your Bridge Racist?

I need your attention for a moment, please.

A Montana Pastor Persecuted By @Realtors. Seriously.

Dem Destruction Coming

There Should Be Punishment

On COVID Vaccines for Kids

American Horror Story Is the Problem

Everything You Need To Know About Critical Theory

Things That Go Bump in Democracy

It Was Everything, Not One Thing

"Go, Brandon," Said the Voters

GOP Sweeps Virginia

EXCLUSIVE: Rush Limbaugh’s Producer, Bo Snerdley, Joined The Erick Erickson Show

Join Me

Sometime around midnight, America will be racist again

The Devil, the Wokes, and Let’s Go Brandon

EXCLUSIVE: Pollster Wes Anderson Breaks Down The Trend Lines

I Wasn't Joking

Why the Wealth Tax is Complicated (And a Bad Idea)

The Day Facebook Went Dark

The Antiracist Religion’s Newest Dogma: End Bail

Democrats Keep Digging

Twitter as Censor With a Double Standard

Democrats to Impose a Real Tax on Imaginary Money

This Is How They Want To Control You

On Glenn Youngkin

Just a Suggestion

Testing the Education Hypothesis in Virginia

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

China Delenda Est

The Democrats Claim Elections Are Stolen

The Supply Chain Dishonesty

Flying Blind With Polling

Don't Drag Colin Powell Into Anti-Vax Conspiracies

The Old Gods Creep Back In

The Humorless Left Wants to Dictate Humor

The Media's Big Lie

The "Unlikely" Issue Facing Democrats

On Jonah Goldberg, Third Parties, and Dealing With Uncletifa

The Democrats Prepare National Financial Stop & Frisk. Everyone is a Suspected Criminal.

The Overplayed Hand

Jon Gruden Should Still Have His Job

Certainty in Uncertain Times

Pfizer, Moderna, and Fetal Cells

Good News for Joe Biden

Should America Get Divorced?

Hating on Facebook

Fauci's Foul Ball

Bullying, Bloodsport, and the Media's Double Standard

Here's Why Joe Biden Sided With the Left

Sympathy for the Insurgency

A Scandal Where There Should Be None

The Great Media Freakout About SCOTUS

Reconciliation Will Still Happen. Just Not Now.

To Understand the Fate of Reconciliation, Understand Manchin Is In It For Manchin

Uncommon Trust: If You're Struggling With Anxiety, Listen to This

A Referendum on Democracy

Trump and Abrams, Sitting in a Tree

The Light at the End of the Democrats' Tunnel is a Mitch McConnell Driven Train

The Four Fights in Washington This Week

The Biden Administration Always Blames the Wrong People

Regarding Gabby Petito

NEW: The Hunter Biden Story IS True

Dan Crenshaw on the Border and Afghanistan

Let. Them. Drown.

The Democrats Crack Up Over Spending

Martha Pskowski of the El Paso Times Confused Reins and Whips and Set Off a Progressive Fake News Firestorm

Disasters in the Passive Voice

Chip Roy: Eyewitness to Disaster at the Border

Exclusive: Google Silences Pro-Life Group

What If They Don’t Really Want You Vaccinated?

What if General Milley Lied to Puff Himself Up?

How to Run for Your Local School Board (And Win)

Milley, the Recall, and the Overplayed Hand

Dissolve the People And Elect Another

Mark Milley Put Himself Above Civilian Control of the Military

The Supreme Court Said Vaccine Mandates Were Constitutional, But Not the Way Biden is Doing It.

Texas Discovers How to Purge Progressives

Never Forget We Have Forgotten and the 99%

From Inside the Pentagon on 9/11 - Brigadier General Lawrence Dudney

Remember Them

Biden’s Three-Card Monte Vaccine Strategy

Ground Zero on 9/11

Special Programming Note

The Biden Strategy: Blame the Judges

DEEP DIVE: 2022 Elections

The CIA Should Delete its Account

The Progressive Freak Out: Performance to Root Out Heretics

Democrats Skate to Where the Puck Was

You Can't Trust the Narrative on the Texas Abortion Law

Is Gavin Newsom in Trouble?

Apocalypse Not

Just a Quick Thanks Again


I'd Like to Report a Missing Person

Babies Win in Texas For Now

Parody Czar Paul Shanklin Joins Me

Reality Sets In

Help the Persecuted Needs Your Help to Save Lives in Afghanistan


Following the Science on Ivermectin

Peter Meijer on Afghanistan


Afghanistan Blows Up Because Biden Blows It

The Crisis of Our Third Century

The Herschel Walker Dilemma

Can We Talk About This Washington Post Piece? This Isn't Good.

Herschel Gets In

What's the Data on Other Genders Getting COVID?

New Data: Afghanistan is Killing Democratic Polling Numbers

Joe Biden Needs to Resign

Events Change Things


DEEP DIVE: The History of Biden's Afghanistan Disaster

Mr. President, Resign

Latham Saddler, A SEAL Who Served in Afghanistan, Talks About His Experience And Biden’s Disaster

No to Masks. Or Yes to Masks. But No to Madness.

The Democrats’ Afghanistan Spin Machine

The Experts Got It Wrong and Biden Lacks the Humility to Admit It

The Killing Fields Flow Red

Maj. Gen. John King, Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, Is Getting Desperate Calls from Afghanistan

"Experts Say"

The Energy of Virtue Signaling

It's the How That Mattered

The President of the United States Has Gone Into Hiding

New Census Data: Demography is Still Not Destiny

2,500 + 3,000 = 0

Instead of Mandating Vaccines, Employers Should Do This

Biden Asks OPEC For More Oil?

Learning is Now Optional in Oregon

What Climate Change Alarmists Get Wrong

The United States of Contrarianism

Belief vs. Truth

Cancel Proofing

I Stand By My Tweet

I’ve Been Suspended From Twitter For Rejecting Woke Orthodoxy

The New Way Apple Is Preventing Child Pornography

What Democrats (and Republicans) Privately Say And Publicly Avoid

Federal Electile Dysfunction

It Was Only Ever About Power

🚨 🚨 What You Need to Know About the Andrew Cuomo Report

Let the Evictions Begin

Against Masking

Doubting the Bible Has A Lot in Common With Doubting the Vaccine

The United States of Romans 1

Can Someone Other Than NBC Provide Olympics Coverage, Please?

Can You Help Fight Childhood Cancer?

A Couple of Things

This Makes No Sense

Everyone is Still Stupid, but the Stupid is Getting Worse

Silence of the Shepherds

Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The Democrats are Coming For Your Charter School

The Border Crisis Isn’t Going Away Like the Democrats’ Attention to It

The Gnostics

Christian, You Can Stop Taking The Reparations Movement Seriously

Permanently in the Land of the Boy Who Cried Wolf

A Note to Me

The Votes Down in Georgia

How Much of This Will Get Reported?

Just Noticing Stuff

Is This An Example of Systemic Racism?

The Twilight of Ideas

The Media Will Keep Avenatti’ing

An Isolation Crisis is Devastating American Men

Democracy's Last Stand

How Democrats Plan To Use January 6th In The Midterm Election

The Art of Being Friends With Your Killer

Tackling CRT and the Great Divide

Kamala Craters

The Left Returns to Hating America

Star-Spangled Ignorance

Herschel Walker Runs

Rumors to Rile You Up

Eschatology, Luca, and What Hannah Dreier Did

Disappointed in Friends

DOJ Sues Georgia Because HR.1 Is Truly Dead

This is No Compromise

When the People Who Think Twitter is Real Life Take Over the Democratic Party

The View From Mordor

The Sheldon Whitehouse Story Shifts

One Standard Or None

A Brief Meditation

Harassing Jack Phillips

Trump Trumps Kamala. Abbott Trumps West.

Performance Is The New Commitment

Mike Pompeo on China, UFOs, and Domestic Divisions

The Fight Not Seen

The Death of Joe Biden's Agenda

The N-Word Standard

Woke Capitalism Comes For Your House

The SBC: I have some thoughts

Thank you

Tone Deaf Politics: Democrats Erase Motherhood

Death of Democracy and Democrats Too

How'd They Know That?

Hey there

Democrats, Prepare for Kabuki

Are 'Evangelicals for Biden' happy now?

The Tulsa Race Massacre

The Media Remains Obsessed With Trump

Beginning Again Anew

The Filibuster and the Jan 6 Commission


USA Today Prohibits Use of the Word "Male"

The Republicans Have a Secret Weapon for 2022 and Beyond

EXCLUSIVE: Trump National Security Official Talks China and Israel

The American Media Desperately Needs An Intervention

Why Do Democrats Want to Give Federal Money to Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Fear, Loathing, and the GOP

Why Does the Media Barely Cover Anti-Semitism in America If Trump Can't be Tied to It?

“Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”

Democrats Overplay Their Hand On Trump Ahead of 2024

A Conversation with Deputy Counsel General Alex Gandler of Israel

The Ease of Atheism

Conspiracy Theories Are Not Just For Conservatives. Progressives Embrace Them Too.

A Trust Deficit

Associated Press CEO Gary Pruitt Confirms the AP Works in a Hamas Operated Facility

Why Are Democrats Anti-Work?

Just So We're Clear Here

DEEP DIVE: Israel vs Palestine Conflict

Why the Media is Obsessed With Liz Cheney

The Future of the NRA

Here Comes Inflation. Largest Increase Since 1953 for Used Vehicles. Largest Since 1982 for All Items.

The World is Watching

Rep. Chip Roy Opposes Stefanik as Cheney's Replacement

To A Conscience Pricked More Than Christ's On the Cross

Open Minded Madness

A Willful and Dangerous Game


Donald Trump And The Facebook Oversight Board

A Conversation with Jack White

Funk and Fog

Regarding Liz Cheney

The Hispanic Rise of the GOP

Florida Boycotts And The Island of Misfit Toys

Tim Scott Dominates the Coverage Over Biden

Republicans Should Be Encouraged By The Biden Speech

Let Me Be Honest With You

One Tech Company Is Done With Woke

The Media’s Tucker Carlson Obsession

One Thousand Seats

Can We Stop Being Stupid, Please?

Glenn Kessler’s Tim Scott “Fact Check” Devalues and Dismisses the Black Experience as Lived in the South and the Washington Post Should Apologize

Where Are The Parents?

Failures to Distinguish

Facts, Tribalism, And The Chauvin Trial

Unjust. Unseen. Forgotten

When The Mob Takes Over

Reparations Are Indulgences, But Don't Question the Wokes

Fauci Becomes Unhelpful and Other Matters

The Left/Media Assault on Truth

America In Decline?

Tribalism Breaks Our Bond With Truth

Why Is College So Expensive?

You Will Be Made to Care: NCAA Edition

Making My Way to Texas

Biden Administration Finally Acknowledges the Border is in Crisis

Democrats Are Blocking the Democrats' Agenda

Where is the Hope?

Conservatives Must Unite and Apply Counter-Pressure

Community Organizing Time

Music For Your Weekend

The Good Friday Radio Show

Hope In Times of Fear

The Attacks on Georgia's Election Law Are Really About the Filibuster

The World is Team Barabbas

What Is True?

The Uniqueness of Jesus' Resurrection in Ancient and Modern Worlds

Georgia's New Election Law Allows Food Trucks at Polling Locations and Additional Weekend Voting

Smashing Idols. Cleaning Temples.

Hail the King. Kill Him.

What's Really In The Georgia Election Law?

Approaching Holy Week

Fear Not

Fired for Bipartisanship

My Plan To Prevent Mass Shootings

Faith, Hope, and Matthew Charles

Truth Must Matter Most

The Moral Panic of the White Elite

Some Personal News

Amazon Censors Christian, Conservative Thought

Secular Indulgences

The Suicide of the GOP: A Case Study in Georgia

We Shouldn't Care, But…

Against Reparations

The Media Is Complicit In The Spread Of Conspiracy Theories

The Church and Critical Theory

The Dr. Seuss Alternatives From the NEA


Woke-O-Haram Cancels Dr. Seuss

In Defense of Niceness in Politics

The Media Doesn't Want You To Pay Attention To This

A Truly American Success Story

How Do We Win People Back To Our Side?

"Fact-Checkers" Rush to Defend Andrew Cuomo

Look to the Right

A Fair Rejoinder on Ted Cruz

We Are Governed By a Mob of Whiners

Facebook is Right. Australia is Wrong.

Just One More Note on Rush

My Friend Rush Limbaugh, RIP

The Narrative is Overshadowing Truth in the Texas Energy Crisis

Woke-O Haram Comes for Chris Harrison

Will Biden Choose China Over Georgia, the Environment, and National Security?

Chuck Schumer's Pathetic, Embarrassing Impeachment

Never Mind. Impeachment Is Schumer's Sham After All.

No Longer a Sham

Disproportionality Will Lead to Violence

More Proof The Market Is In A Bubble

Meet the Double Standard in Cancel Culture

Frankly, Bluntly, and You Can Unsubscribe Yourself

The Truth About That Shadow Campaign

At this point, what's the point?

Take Five Minutes

The Trump Wing of the Party Needs Jim DeMint's Team

In the House: Trump is Fad and Cheney is Forever

Everything You Need To Know About The Robinhood Controversy

Jeff Bezos and the Conservative Movement

Wrong Message. Bad Message.

The Climate Change Backlash

What About

On Marjorie Taylor Greene

Lying About Leon Cooperman

Let David Slay Goliath

The Moral Case For Abortion

Dare I Say This

State of the Georgia GOP

Why Does CVS Pharmacy Hate Its Customers?

A Conversation With Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

You Can't Move On From This Without An Accounting

Some Things Some of You Need to Hear

One Final Full Day

The Pope Was Arrested?

We Need To Talk About Don Lemon

Thanks, Y'all

Thank You For Your Service

There Is A Plan. Trust It.

The Simple and the Complicated

Save the Country. Share the Gospel

The Consequence of Lies

I Want to Make Two Points

Their Golden Calves and Idols

"When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts."

BREAKING: 25th Amendment Discussion

I Told You So

One Republican Winner in Georgia. He Got More Votes Than Any Candidate in the Runoff.

Republicans in Georgia Stayed Home

It's Not Good in Georgia for the GOP

Hell in the Peach State

A Note to National Reporters Covering Georgia's Runoffs

The President's Phone Call Could Sabotage Georgia and Get Him Indicted