Sitemap - 2023 - Erick Erickson's Show Notes

Civil War Spy Balloon Ballots

A Post Christmas Binge Watch Recommendation

Kwanzaa: A Fraudulent Holiday for the Self-Absorbed

Just a Reminder

Tune in Now

Merry Christmas

The Light

The Colorado Case and Trump as Hitler

Allow Me to Put This All in Perspective For You

THE SHOW NOTES: Young Voters Ditch Biden, Smartphones Makes Kids Dumber, & China and Cuba Influenced US Elections?

The Truth in Time

That's Not Free Speech

THE SHOW NOTES: The Biden Boondoggle, The Red Sea Failure, & Deleting Harvard Webpages

The Zeal Will Do This

When Satan Comes To Iowa

THE SHOW NOTES: Bombs at the Border, Satanic Displays, & The Revolt of John Fetterman

Come As You Are

From Liberal To Illiberal

THE SHOW NOTES: The Illiberal New York Times, Democrats Approve of Antisemitism, & Gavin Redefines Woke

You Need To Understand This About Political Polling

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Blames Republicans For Ukraine Funding, Haley Endorsement, And The DeSantis Town Hall

It's a Choice

Failing At The Basics

THE SHOW NOTES: Harvard Refuses To Act, Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Strikes Again, & Ukraine Funding

I figured it out

Joe Biden Wants to Kill Ukraine Funding And Blame the GOP For It

The DEI-Fueled Antisemitic Attacks

THE SHOW NOTES: Antisemitism On College Campus, Trump's Growing Lead, & Where is Alexey Navalny?

Don’t Learn the Wrong Lesson

The Forgotten Pastors

The Broken Coverage of Hunter Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: Charging Hunter Biden, Firing School Presidents, & The Evolution of John Fetterman

THE SHOW NOTES: Harvard & Penn, More Disturbing October 7th Details, & Grim News For Democrats

Past The Rubicon

I'll Say It: The Palestinians Look Like The Enemy

THE SHOW NOTES: Anti-Semitic University Presidents, Women Should Lose To Men Gracefully, & Biden's Intern Problem

This, From @BillAckman, Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Distractions Abroad Lead To Terrorism At Home

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Botched Red Sea Response, Increasing Pressure on Hamas, & Antisemitism on College Campuses

The Atlantic Descends

Why Biden's Chaos Message Can't Work

THE SHOW NOTES: The World Spins Towards Chaos, Feminists Ignore Israeli Women, & Ditching Bidenomics

DeSantis, Iowa, Haley, New Hampshire

An Invitation to Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis

THE SHOW NOTES: Newsom v DeSantis, Israel Knew, & Sandra Day O’Connor

The Pain The Public Wants

Progressives Celebrate The Death Of Henry Kissinger

THE SHOW NOTES: Henry Kissinger, Elon Musk, & Greta Thunberg

Memento Mori

No, Really... Trump Can Win

THE SHOW NOTES: Americans Aren't Feeling Biden's Gains, & Raging Antisemitism in California, & The UN Won’t Condemn Hamas

Biden Has Funded Hamas Again

AI Makes The Media's Trust Problem Somehow Worse

THE SHOW NOTES: Deadspin Attacks Kids, No Plea Deal For Trump, & Democrats Abandon Israel

The Most Ridiculous Part of the Story

This Is Biden's Reelection Strategy

THE SHOW NOTES: Extending The Ceasefire, Biden's Polling Gets Worse, & The Populist Right is Winning

While We Were Away

Good Gravy

Democrats and the Supreme Court

THE SHOW NOTES: Israel Nears A Deal, Manufactured Grievance, & The DEI Factory

Second Thoughts

Incoherent Foreign Policy Ramblings

THE SHOW NOTES: There Is No Plan B, The Bubble Wrap Strategy, & Ending Submarine Dominance

The New York Times Thinks Your 30 Year Mortgage Is Bad For America

Media Blackout Over China

THE SHOW NOTES: Attacking The US Senate, Ignoring Chinese Biolabs, & Backing Bin Laden

THE SHOW NOTES: Violence at the DNC, TikTok Promotes Bin Laden, & Shrugging Off Genocide

Sally Buzbee, Hamas's Gal In Charge of The Washington Post

TikTok Delenda Est

The Dichotomy of Protests

THE SHOW NOTES: Ignoring The Pro-Israel March, Tlaib's Secret Facebook Group, & Is Hillary Clinton Right?

Ambassador, This is a Bad Idea

Hey Democrats, This Plan Isn't Working

THE SHOW NOTES: Hamas And The Hospitals, Congressmen Watch Israeli Footage, & Ending Fed Hikes?

The Most Unnecessary Sequel Since Caddyshack II

The Biden Spin Machine

THE SHOW NOTES: Tim Scott Is Out, Biden Keeps Losing, & How Hamas Planned The Attack

A Favor

A Mini-Cookbook

THE SHOW NOTES: Manchin And The Senate, Israel In Gaza, & What Is Wrong With NBC?

Press Outlets As Agents of Hamas

What Young Thug Tells Us About Donald Trump

THE SHOW NOTES: Debate Coverage, Terrorist Sympathizing Photographers, & Brothels In DC?

The Fifteen Week Sweet Spot

Radicals Funding Radical Universities

THE SHOW NOTES: What Happened To Republicans Last Night?

About Last Night: Republican Party 1854-2023, RIP

Come on y'all, this really is unacceptable

They're Killing Jews in America Now

THE SHOW NOTES: Occupying Gaza, Biden Demands Gun Control for Israelis, & Middle East Funds US Colleges??

I have to take a pass

Democrats Panic: Biden vs Trump

THE SHOW NOTES: Democrats Have A Biden Problem, Splitting Gaza, & Trump in Court

Peace From River To Sea

Democrats Never Have to Apologize

THE SHOW NOTES: Revolt in Kentucky, Toxic Masculinity, & The Pro-Hamas Ceasefire Demands

When The Ugly Girl Gets Attention

THE SHOW NOTES: Islamophobia, The Target CEO, & Democrats Attack Rashida Tlaib

The Tiger By the Tail

Jeopardizing Our Financial And Physical Security

THE SHOW NOTES: Historic Antisemitism, The Federal Reserve Announcement, & Why Is Home Schooling Booming?

No Comment

Explaining The Origins of Antisemitism

THE SHOW NOTES: No Ceasefire, Obsessing Over Ron's Shoes, & Is Car Jacking a Crime?

Nikki Haley's Surge is Real. Crying About It Doesn't Negate It.

Hey Republicans, Now Is The Time To Take Back Education

THE SHOW NOTES: Israel's Invasion, Nikki Haley Surges, & The UAW Strike

The Dark is Here

SHOW NOTES: The Talking Points Are Out

It's That Time Again

SHOW NOTES: The Shooting; The Speaker; and the Sources

Dear Marc Rowan, Bill Ackman, Jon Huntsman, et al.

Joe Biden's Bloody Hands

SHOW NOTES: DC Anti-Semite; We Have a Speaker

Red Alert

SHOW NOTES: Jenna Ellis Pleads Guilty; Democrats' Anti-Semitism; The Speaker Fight; The Deficit

THE SHOW NOTES: Speakerless Republicans; The Middle East Simmers; Haley Surges

Evil in the Passive Voice

The Monsters on Jim Jordan's Side

THE SHOW NOTES: Jim Jordan's 0/3, Anonymous Staffers Unite, & A $105 Billion Request

Jim Jordan Will Not Be Speaker; Grandpa Dementia Blew It Last Night

THE SHOW NOTES: Hamas Works With Hezbollah, Jordan Won't Seek Third Ballot, & Congressional Death Threats?

There Are No Sidelines Between Good and Evil

The Press Loves Jihadi Disinformation

THE SHOW NOTES: Media Pushes Jihadi Disinformation, Speaker Chaos, & Surging Healthcare Premiums

Is This the End of the World?

Refusing To See Evil

THE SHOW NOTES: Hamas Hostage Video, Biden Visits Israel, & Can Jim Jordan Win?

God Bless Him

What Is A Proportionate Response?

THE SHOW NOTES: Jim Jordan's Chance, Egypt Plays Defense, & Iran Threatens Israel

The Speaker Fight

Why Does Turning Point USA Keep Pushing Anti-Semitism?

Justifying The Next Holocaust

THE SHOW NOTES: Evacuating Gaza, Iran's $6 Billion, & The Speakerless House

A Reminder: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

The Monster They Have Become

THE SHOW NOTES: Israel Targets Hamas Militants, Blinken Lectures Israel As More Bodies Discovered, & Can Steve Scalise Become Speaker?

Vivek Ramaswamy Thinks You Only Care About Israel Because of Money

You Can Stop Your Moral Smugness Now

Words Mean Things, Again

THE SHOW NOTES: Everything Happening in Israel Right Now

Dear Friends in the Conservative Movement

The Three Paths Forward

THE SHOW NOTES: The Horrors in Israel as Biden’s Team Blunders

The Easy, The Hard, and the Truth

The Man Comes Around

This Was the Biden Administration’s First Response to the Attack on Israel

Everything The Media Ignored To Focus On Trump

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump's Submarines, The Economic Data, & The Race For Speaker

A Leadership Failure

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Border Reversal, Sage Steele Roasts Biden, & Covering Up A Biting Spree

A Sign of Bad Man

Lock Them Up

THE SHOW NOTES: The Speakerless House, A Historic Strike, & New Vehicle Prices

The Flung Poo Found Its Target. America Splattered in Crossfire.

Republicans Prepare To Flush Historic Trust

THE SHOW NOTES: One Monkey Flings Poo. The Others Dance.

A Monkey Flinging Poo

When A High School Principal Pulls The Fire Alarm

THE SHOW NOTES: The Fire Alarm and the Excuse Making, The Student Loan Payback Misery, & The Tax Thieves

The Petty Rivalries that Fester

The Unintentional Pro-Life Hero

THE SHOW NOTES: Diane Feinstein, The Too Late Realization About Bidenomics, Biden's War With Oil

The Practical Reality

How To Fix Last Night's Debate

THE SHOW NOTES: Donald Trump is King of the Poop Show, The Lack of Respect for the Law, & When Public Schools Give up

We Are All Dumber Now

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden is Compromised, So Talk About Trump

The Story and the Bigger Stories

Joe Biden Goes to War Against Consumers

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Goes to War Against Amazon, Compromised By Iranians, & Democrats Complain About “Moral Rot”??


From Dark Brandon To Joe Cool

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Bad Week Gets Photoshopped

Live By the Polls. Die By the Polls.

The Most Damning Indictment on Joe Biden

SHOW NOTES: Menendez Indicted. More Strikes. Haley Surging.

Just a Quick Note on Fox News

THE SHOW NOTES: A Coordinated Invasion of America

There Probably Needs to be a Law

THE SHOW NOTES: Democrats Panic Over Nonwhite Voters

Democrats, Donald Trump Is Beating Biden Right Now

Energy Markets Explain Why The Economy Is Working For No One

THE SHOW NOTES: Booming Oil Prices, Anxious Democrats, & On The First Date??

A Very Basic Point

How Racial Violence In America Is Left Uncovered

THE SHOW NOTES: The Missing Jet, Sanctuary City Chaos, & The Looming Government Shutdown

World Views Colliding on the Right

Is This MAGA Now?

Why The Auto Strike Matters

THE SHOW NOTES: Strike Strike Strike, Joe Biden’s Very Bad Week, & No One Wants Kamala Harris

THE SHOW NOTES: The Intolerance Crowd, The Worried White House, & McCarthy's Blunt Message

Faith and Politics at a Crossroad

THE SHOW NOTES: Turning on Joe Biden, Inflation Dashes Retirement Plans, & The Imposter At Fashion Week

Here's What McCarthy's Impeachment Move Misses

THE SHOW NOTES: Funding Iranian Terrorism, Impeachment Hearings Explained, & What Is Happening In Virginia?

On 9/11, Joe Biden Paid Iran a Bribe

This Means Biden Has A Problem

THE SHOW NOTES: The Energy Secretary Auditions for Veep, the Show, Not the Office

We Still Remember

Sanctimonious Policy Gone Wrong

THE SHOW NOTES: Bidenomics, Hurricane Lee, & Biden vs Texas

Nikki Haley Gets A Second Look

THE SHOW NOTES: Emory Goes To War Against Christmas, The One Republican Beating Biden, & Chaos In New York City

Senator Tuberville's Strong Stand

Democrats Want to Murder Kids More than Advance the Military

THE SHOW NOTES: Explaining New Polling, Lying About Climate Change, & The Unlikely Voter

Something Feels Off

Shut It Down

THE SHOW NOTES: Polling Breakdown, Cutting Oil Production, & Doubling Deficits

Now It All Matters

Ignoring Biden's Fallout in Africa

THE SHOW NOTES: Record Border Crossings, Jobs Go Down While Inflation Goes Up, California’s Assault on Trucks

There Is No Silver Bullet Here

The New Establishment Is Identical To The Old Establishment

THE SHOW NOTES: Mitch McConnell's Freeze, Inflation Revised Higher, & Chaos in Arizona

Ready. Fire. Aim.

THE SHOW NOTES: Hurricane Idalia, China's Influence Network, & Lies About Glenn Youngkin

Russia, Putin, Heritage, and Ukraine

Clearing The Field For Trump vs Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Bad News, The Gadsden Flag, & Hurricane Idalia

A Time to Shine

Magical Thinking On The Right

THE SHOW NOTES: Setting the Tragedy Narrative, Magical Foreign Policy Thinking, & In Courtrooms Across America Today

The Fixation on Narrative

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump's Twitter, More Rate Hikes, & Historic Federal Spending

The Odds Are Long

Is America Really in Decline?

THE SHOW NOTES: Aftermath of the First Debate, Trump in Georgia, & What Happened to Prigozhin?

The Poop Show in Milwaukee

Lessons Learned From Progressive Control

THE SHOW NOTES: Debate Preview, Flipping on Trump, & Hunter Biden's Next Problem

The First Debate

Biden’s Second Afghanistan

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Second Afghanistan, Trump Curb Stomps the Newscycle, and Trump's Debate Plan

It's a Good Strategy, But Unfortunate

Here's What Happened At The Gathering

THE SHOW NOTES: The Gathering, Hawaii Wildfires, & Hurricane Hilary

Blessed Beyond Measure

It's Time: Day 2 of The Gathering

Highlights From Day 1 Of The Gathering

It's Time

We're Not Dealing With Mortal Beings

Why Climate Change Is A National Security Issue

THE SHOW NOTES: The American Consumer, Donald Trump, & Hunter Biden

The Elephant Not in the Room

THE SHOW NOTES: The Lawyers Went Down to Georgia

Let’s Just Nip This In the Bud

Joe Biden's Hurricane Katrina

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Katrina, Indictment Watch, & The Border Issue Won’t Go Away

How It Will Work

Doubts About Hunter Biden's Special Counsel

🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS: Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Inflation Admission, The IRS Screw Up, & China's Major Problems

Dear Rachel Frazin ( @RachelFrazin )

Data on Bidenomics

THE SHOW NOTES: Live by Bidenomics. Die by Bidenomics.

Fani Willis Relying on Progressive Activist to Prosecute Trump

THE SHOW NOTES: Silence of the Lemmings, Christian Persecution in America, & Ohio's Issue 1

Press Disrespect Breeds Dishonest Narratives

Why Democrats Are Panicked Over Non-White Voters

THE SHOW NOTES: Subsidizing Chinese Slavery, Lazy Girl Jobs, & 25K Fake Tickets

China Funds Radical Progressives

THE SHOW NOTES: China's Smokeless War, PAC-12 Collapse, & Rebranding Kamala Harris

The Credentialism Problem

THE SHOW NOTES: War With China, California Debates Florida, & Unenthusiastic Democrats

Just Being Honest With Y'all — I'm Struggling to Care

The Media’s Own Terrorist Training Ground

THE SHOW NOTES: The Elite vs America, Leading From Behind, & Hunter Biden’s 'Green Light'

Emotions Are Not Logical

Here's What Everyone Is Missing About Trump's Latest Indictment

THE SHOW NOTES: Indictment 3.0, America’s Credit Downgraded, & Why Democrats Are Photoshopping Biden

Bad, Immoral, and Lying Does Not Mean Criminal

Giving Hunter Biden The Clarence Thomas Treatment

THE SHOW NOTES: Devon Archer Speaks, Capitalism Strikes Back, & ESG By Other Names

The 2023 Gathering Agenda

Timeless Lessons From Hunter Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: Explaining Devon Archer, Biden's New Grandchild, & Embracing Homelessness Is Bad

Not a Productive Path For You Guys

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump’s Superseding Indictment, DeSantis' Declaration of Economic Independence, & Biden Censored Facebook

Thank you

Is He More Than a Political Tim Tebow?

A Favor

The Knives Are Out For Tim Scott

THE SHOW NOTES: The UFO Hearing, McConnell's Fall, & Prigozhin's Return

The Uncertain Future

What If Hunter Biden Was A Trump?

THE SHOW NOTES: Rejecting Hunter's Plea Deal, The DeSantis Shakeup, & More Rate Hikes

Fascism is the New Racism

These Are The Least Happy People On Earth

THE SHOW NOTES: The Israeli Situation, Biden’s Basement Strategy, & Hunter's New Scandal

Kamala Harris Blatantly Lies About Ron DeSantis

THE SHOW NOTES: Tim Scott's Surge, Biden’s Water Heater Overhaul, & Turning A Blind Eye To Genocide

Where Did Everybody Go?

THE SHOW NOTES: The IRS Whistleblower, Mike Lee's Speech, & Rejecting Trump and Biden

Mike Pence: The Man in the Arena

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Tuberville On Abortion In The Military, Transgender Madness, & College Football

THE SHOW NOTES: DeSantis Steps on Trump, Trump's Legal Calendar, & The Putin Deal

Jake Tapper, Ron DeSantis, and Real Interviews

Tim Scott Is A Problem... For Democrats

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump's Target Letter, Math Is Now Racist, & John Kirby's Ridiculous Abortion Defense

The Press vs The Sound of Freedom

Democrats Have A Male Problem

THE SHOW NOTES: The DeSantis Shake Up, Suing Fortnite, & Men Don’t Like Democrats

What is the Great American Comeback?

The Conservative Obsession With Andrew Tate

THE SHOW NOTES: Diet Coke Won't Kill You, More Loan Forgiveness, & The Other Strike

THE SHOW NOTES: Tim Scott Gets A Second Look, Actors Go On Strike, & The Left v The Center

The Left at War With the Middle Class

Kamala Harris: Bathroom Czar

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Keeps Ditching Dinners, The Full Inflation Story, & Panic Over No Labels

Fighting Social Wars Instead Of Real Wars

THE SHOW NOTES: Democrats Hate Tommy Tuberville, The Angry Youth, & San Francisco Has Fallen

A Message In Search of a Messenger

Explaining The Economic Dissonance Of The Biden Economy

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Meltdown, Why Conservative Boycotts Work, & Explaining Economic Dissonance

About That Tweet: DeSantis Frustrations Explained

Only White Progressives Are Upset About Affirmative Action Ending

THE SHOW NOTES: DeSantis/Trump Fundraising, New Polling Averages, The War on Science and the CDC

Good News For Donald Trump and Only Trump

When Liberals Turn Illiberal

THE SHOW NOTES: Blatant Media Bias, Don't Call The Shooter Trans, & The Booming US Economy

Decline is a Choice

Hey Ben & Jerry's, We Took the Land Fair and Square

THE SHOW NOTES: Cocaine White House, We Took the Land Fair and Square, & Censoring Social Media

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Independence Day

The Ruthless Supreme Court

THE SHOW NOTES: Pride Month Ends. 303 Creative Wins

Supreme Court Rules: You Cannot Be Made to Bake the Cake

The Perniciousness of It All

THE SHOW NOTES: SCOTUS Affirmative Action, NPR Defends Terrorists, & Turning Off Your A/C

Do Not Bet Against America

DeSantis Needs To Pivot

THE SHOW NOTES: Hunter Biden, Troops To The Border, & Bidenomics

NBC News Has Little Redeeming Value

Hey Republicans, Do This And You Win

THE SHOW NOTES: The War On Happiness, Russia's Wagner Saga, & Major SCOTUS Decisions

Happiness is a Choice

Explaining the Dominion Lawsuit

THE SHOW NOTES: The Russian Coup, Fighting Larry Fink, & Ignoring Pandemic Learning Deficits

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Major Media Outlets Now Believe 2020 Was Stolen

THE SHOW NOTES: SCOTUS Immigration Ruling, The IRS Whistleblower, & Historic GOP Diversity

Don't Shoot

Hurd's Siren Song

THE SHOW NOTES: Lauren Boebert, Will Hurd, Titanic Debris Field, & The Modi Problem

A Bad Idea Poorly Timed

Buying The ProPublica Lie

The Clinton Playbook Failed the GOP

THE SHOW NOTES: Hunter Biden’s Dad Failed, The Bureaucracy Must Be Defeated, & The Titanic Submarine

Failure and Family and Doing the Right Thing

Hunter Biden Gets Off Easy

THE SHOW NOTES: Hunter Biden Gets Off Easy, The Narcissism of the Would Be Elite, & Biden Played By China

That Was Not Smart

THE SHOW NOTES: Dems Pounce on Tim Scott, Here Comes World War III, & The Transgender-Care Outlier

Tim Scott is a Threat

Fathers Matter

Don’t Be An A-Hole

THE SHOW NOTES: The Pristine Past; The Unknown Future

Racist Americans Pushing Racism

THE SHOW NOTES: More Lab Leak News, Hatch Act Double Standard, & Stacey’s Voter Lie

Everyone's Wolves Come Home to Roost

The Only Successful Strategy For Taking On Trump

THE SHOW NOTES: The No Labels Shtick, The Populist Uprising in Suburbia, & The Climate Witch Trials

Figuring Out A Path Around

Everything You Need To Know About The Biden Bomb Shell

THE SHOW NOTES: The Grassley Bomb Shell, The Quiet Pivot Against Trump, & Harris Buys Herself Some Cheerleaders

Back to That Other Issue. No. Not That One.

Hey 2024 Candidates, Do This And You Win

THE SHOW NOTES: Horrific Polling, Kamala Harris Buys Some Cheerleaders, & Transjesters: You Will Be Made To Care, Again.

We Need to Take This Seriously

Reflections on the News

Stupidity. Avoidable Stupidity.

THE SHOW NOTES: Everything You Need To Know About The Trump Indictment

A Note to My Southern Baptist Friends

Crossing the Rubicon

BREAKING: President Trump Indicted

The Presidential Candidate No One Is Talking About

THE SHOW NOTES: Indictments Loom Over Trumpland, The Chinese Are At War With Us, & The Press Misrepresents Reality Again

The Field Fills In

Why Most Companies Really Aren't That Woke

THE SHOW NOTES: New York Air, LIV-PGA Disaster, & The Shocking Instagram Story

The Press as the Enemy

Why The PGA/LIV Merger Is A Big Deal

THE SHOW NOTES: The Golf Merger, DeSantis vs Newsom, & Are There UFOs?

Someone Knows and Someone Does Not Know What Time It Is

How Progressives Are Doing China's Dirty Work With Electric Vehicles

THE SHOW NOTES: Debt Redux and More Candidates, The Left Turns On Toyota, & Millennials Move Right

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

My Birthday Request

THE SHOW NOTES: The Fall, More Jobs and Unemployment, & Passing The Debt Bill

THE SHOW NOTES: Debt Ceiling Progress, 2024 Boom, & Millennials Move Right?

One of These is Not Like the Other

THE SHOW NOTES: The Debt Deal, Players Revolt, & More Trump Rants

The Harriet Miers of Debt Deals: A Poop Sandwich, But Tasty.

Americans Are Tired of Woke

THE SHOW NOTES: The Biden Disaster Polling, The Culture War Turns Right, & Is the GOP Primary Over?

The Bench

My Conversation With Gov. Ron DeSantis

THE SHOW NOTES: Ron DeSantis Joins Me Live

Programming Note: Ron DeSantis Joins Me on Radio at 12pm ET Today

Trump Is Actually Scared of DeSantis. Amazing.

The demarcation point

Convention, Conventional Wisdom, and the DeSantis Launch Few Heard

Why The Ron DeSantis Campaign Is Different

THE SHOW NOTES: The Fight To 2024, The Debt Ceiling Approaches, & Gas Stoves and Florida

BREAKING: DeSantis prepares to enter

Biden Botched The 14th Amendment

THE SHOW NOTES: Target And The Dodgers, Trump Officials Back DeSantis, & The War Against the Family

Driving the Conversation and Target Partners With Satanists

Tim Scott 2024

THE SHOW NOTES: Tim Scott Announces, The Media Covers for Biden, & Florida Or Not Florida?

I Dare You, Mr. President

Attacking The Wife of Ron DeSantis

THE SHOW NOTES: Unleashing the DeSantis Hate, The Debt Limit Agreement, & Attacking Casey DeSantis

Tim Keller, 1950-2023

Stuffing the Straw Man in Florida

Biden Cowers on the World Stage While China Reigns Supreme

THE SHOW NOTES: The Press Fell Into the DeSantis Trap, The Raptors Are Testing the Fences, & Get Ready for Blackouts

Democrats Cheer Dead Police?

THE SHOW NOTES: Anti-Police Democrats, The Senate Drool Caucus, & The Arrogance of the Progressives

I just think you need an answer to this

Pence Prepares to Run

THE SHOW NOTES: John Durham and the Breach of Trust

The Conservative Movement Should Be Alarmed

The Durham Investigation

Progressives Cheer As The Good Guy Goes To Jail

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Runs Against White Supremacy, MAGA Spends Against the GOP, & The Border Crisis

The Overplayed Hand

Ditching Kamala Harris

THE SHOW NOTES: The Donald Trump-CNN No Win Situation

Hostis publicus

Damning Evidence of Biden Corruption

THE SHOW NOTES: The Jean Carroll Case, House Oversight's Biden Bombshell, & Tucker's New Show

Clown Princes of Crap

Panicked Democrats Fume Over Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Polling Fallout, Debt Talks Later Today, & Newsom's Reparation Problem

The Data and the Silence

THE SHOW NOTES: Breaking Bad for Biden, The Texas Shooting, & The DeSantis Leak

Progressives Give Up On Cities

THE SHOW NOTES: Subway Terror, Biden’s Debt Ceiling Problem, & Wagner vs Russia

Another Baseless Attack Against Clarence Thomas

THE SHOW NOTES: Bud Light Blowback, The Border Fight, & Pro-Life Chicken Liberals

Americans, Not Conservatives, Strike Back

Shutting Down Catholic Hospitals

THE SHOW NOTES: Joe Biden Goes to War Against the Catholics, Gas Stove Bans Are Here, & One Final Rate Hike

The Need for Accountability

The Weird Grooming Culture In the Press

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Prepares to Sell Out His Base

Keeping You Posted

The War on the Supreme Court

THE SHOW NOTES: DeSantis vs The Press, SCOTUS Smear, & Killing Commercial Property

Rethinking the Wait: DeSantis Stories Happen Without Him

The Arrogance of a Single Woke

The New Media Bias

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Schedule, Teens in Crisis, & Armed IRS Agents

Firing Tucker Carlson

THE SHOW NOTES: The Biden Cheat Sheet, Killing DEI, & The Press Bubble

The §99.012 Problem, Or Not, for DeSantis

Progressives Gladly Ignored The Facts on Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas

THE SHOW NOTES: Mainstream Media Smear, Geraldine Tyler, & Does DeSantis Have To Resign To Run?

Republican Strategists, Remember Harry and Louise

Joe Biden Wants To Finish The Job He Never Started

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Announces, Pending Possible Trump Indictments, The Looming Debt Crisis

Panicked DeSantis Fans Demand Action

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Is Out At Fox. Here's Who Should Replace Him

THE SHOW NOTES: Tucker Carlson OUT, Biden, 2024, & Afghanistan 2.0?

Is This What Dementia Looks Like?

Why Voters Agree With Republicans But Vote Democrat

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump vs DeSantis, Protecting Hunter Biden, & Mike's Problem

The Future is Alright

Biden To Punish People With Good Credit

Republicans Should Listen To Voters Instead Of The Fortune 500 On This Issue

THE SHOW NOTES: A Tale of Three Shootings, Dragging Clarence Thomas, The Death of the GOP Was Greatly Exaggerated

Three Shootings in One Week. The Press Made a Curious Decision on Which One to Devote Coverage.

Ron DeSantis Understands What Disney Does Not

THE SHOW NOTES: Breaking the Debt Ceiling, DeSantis vs The Rat, & The Fox News Trial

A Very Insular Cult

The Blatantly Obvious Way To Beat Joe Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden 2024, Where the GOP Goes, Fox vs Dominion

Against Indulgences

Donald Trump, Jr and the GOP Want You to Shut Up About Bud Light

Democrats Are Giving Republicans A Huge Opportunity

THE SHOW NOTES: The 21-Year-Old Leaker, Gas Prices Going Up, & A $1.2 Million Church Fine

Democrat Empathy Does Not Extend to the Working Class Anymore

Ignoring Leftwing Radicalization

THE SHOW NOTES: A Recession is Coming, The Intel Leaker, & The Left Turns Violent

Abortion and Compromise

Exclusive: My Interview with Riley Gaines

THE SHOW NOTES: Pushing Electric Vehicles, Biden's DOJ Nonsense, & The Tim Scott Announcement

Guns and Compromise

Lessons Republicans Should Learn From Bud Light

THE SHOW NOTES: DeSantis Takes on Immigration, The High Tech Lynching of Clarence Thomas, Will Insanity Reign for the GOP?

The Rule and the Corollary

Democrats Lead Protests, Republicans Lead Insurrections

THE SHOW NOTES: The Tennessee Contretemps, Loose Lips Sink Ships, & A Growing Financial Crisis

The Press’s Complicity in Escalation

Happy Easter

Christ. Dead. For Now.

Why Political Media Reporting Is Less Accurate Now Than Every Before

The Good Friday Show Starts Now

What Is Truth

A Wisconsin Reminder: Candidate Quality Still Matters

THE SHOW NOTES: NY Times Blows Up the Trump Indictment and The Left Comes For… 4-H?

Pass Over Us

The Simple Reason Trump Makes No Sense in 2024

THE SHOW NOTES: A Seriously Weak Case, GOP Lacks Discernment, & A Progressive Dark Money Group

One of Trump's Crimes: He Overpaid Taxes 🙄


Pull Justice Too Far, It Tears

The Show Notes: Arrest, Indictment, and Rally

The Other Fig Tree

Biden Lied While The Balloon Spied

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump Turns Himself in Tomorrow, The Balloon Spied While Biden Lied, & The Leftwing Culture War

Got Figs?

It Is That Time Again

Everything You Should Know About The Donald Trump Indictment

THE SHOW NOTES: The Trump Witch Hunt

The Biggest Political Back Fire

Right On Time, Joe Manchin Crosses The Aisle

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Steps in it Again, Manchin Spins Against His Creation, & Progressives Can't Handle The Truth

Meet Don Parsons

The Inconvenient Children Killed by Guns

Why Everyone Needs To Calm Down Over AI

THE SHOW NOTES: Katie Hobbs’ Press Secretary, The Topsy-Turvy Biden Economy, & Progressives Freak Out About Alvin Bragg

The Left, It's Allies in the Press, and Progress

After Nashville Shooting, AZ Governor Katie Hobb’s Press Secretary Calls for Violence Against “Transphobes”

Faith After Nashville

THE SHOW NOTES: The Nature of Evil, God, and Guns

Beyond the Hot Takes

BREAKING: Governor Brian Kemp Endorses School Choice in Georgia

Why Prosecuting Trump Is A Bad Idea

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump's Grand Jury, Dems Go Full Commie on TikTok, & The US Priority Shift

Grifting 101: Trump Played His Fan Club Perfectly

In Georgia: Pass Sports Betting

The Starting Point

This Is Not Wise

SHOW NOTES: Moral Hazard

Trump Platformed Fauci and Shut America Down Three Years Ago This Week

Three Years of Fifteen Days to Stop the Spread

SHOW NOTES: The Kamala Harris Likability Tour; Reparations; Gas Bans

Backlash Mountain

SHOW NOTES: uhhhhhh…

DeSantis vs. Post-Modern Republicanism

The GOP Would Rather Be Right Than Win

SHOW NOTES: DeSantis on Ukraine Causes Meltdowns Everywhere

DeSantis Finding His Own Voice on Ukraine

SHOW NOTES: Containing the Bank Failures; Biden Gets Oil; GOP Losers

No Bailout: Understand the Silicon Valley and Signature Bank Crashes

The Largest Banking Collapse Since 2008 Just Happened

THE SHOW NOTES: The Return to Normal Brings Warnings of Doom, The GOP 2024 Fight Takes Shape, & White People Pollute

Fiscal Irresponsibility

A Key Sign Americans Are Turning Against Wokeness

THE SHOW NOTES: Why The Biden Plan is Foolish

“Can He Pivot?”: Inside the Minds of GOP Donors

Why Democrats Are Furious At Joe Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: The Biden Pivot Keep Dems Complaining

Am I the Last Sane Person?

When Will Biden Act Against The Cartels?

THE SHOW NOTES: Third Party Follies, War With China, Why Are Americans Expendable?

Wage War and Kill Them

THE SHOW NOTES: Home Prices Dip, Russia's Collapse, & What Lab Leak?

Biden Keeps Flubbing The Little Things

THE SHOW NOTES: The Left Starts to Realize DeSantis is Serious

Reality Beckons

Merrick Garland Doesn’t Want to Fight the Fentanyl War

THE SHOW NOTES: Merrick Garland Doesn’t Want to Fight the Fentanyl War

"Not Red Or Blue—It Is Green"

Forget Ukraine, This Is The Real War

THE SHOW NOTES: The Fentanyl Crisis, Lori's Historic Night, & Liberal Kids In Despair

This Bothers Me

Ron DeSantis Adopts The Brian Kemp Strategy

THE SHOW NOTES: Student Loans Go to Court, How DeSantis Can Take on Trump, & Biden The Fiscal Hawk

Republicans Should Take the Democrats' Bait

The Media Keeps Getting It Wrong

THE SHOW NOTES: The Lab Leak Racism Wasn’t Racism, But Reality

Leftwing Misinformation Without Media Accountability

Out There, Away From the Noise

Failing the Basics, Government Undermines the Bigger Picture

THE SHOW NOTES: The Buttigieg Derailment, Plunging Markets, & Year Two In Ukraine

Buttigieg Is Out of His Depth

Joe Biden’s 2024 Problem

THE SHOW NOTES: Is Pete Buttigieg Slowly Breaking?

THE SHOW NOTES: The Grand Jury's 30 Year Old Flake; Biden Might Not Run

Vivek Ramaswamy Declares for the Presidency

Why Both Sides Are Dead Wrong About Ukraine

THE SHOW NOTES: The National Divorce, Ukraine and Russia, & The Absurd NPR Story

Maybe Have Some Self-Awareness

Google Is Right, Like Them Or Not

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden to Kyiv, Update on Jimmy Carter, & Biden's 2024 Course

Too Much Nuance For the Press

Science and Faith Are Both Incompatible With This Insanity

Trains And Balloons Are Why No One Trusts Joe Biden

Avoid Getting Captured

THE SHOW NOTES: Don Lemon's Vacation, The War Against Science, & The BLM Mob

We Cannot Reject Sabotage On Rail Lines Just Yet

BREAKING: The Georgia Grand Jury Dud

THE SHOW NOTES: The Georgia Investigation of Trump Is a Nothingburger

Now There Are Two

Bloomberg Just Gave Us The Republican 2024 Campaign Issue

THE SHOW NOTES: Live From Charleston

THE SHOW NOTES: Inflation Persists, Michigan State Details, & What Is Happening in Ohio?

Constituencies Trump Lanes in 2024

The Tim Scott Announcement

THE SHOW NOTES: Blowing Up Balloons, Tim Scott Steps Forward, & The Disinformation Scam Gets Exposed

He Gets Us, But Do They Get It?

One or the Other and Both Not Good

I Should Not Have to Say This, But I Do

The Pandemic of Isolation

THE SHOW NOTES: Depriving Americans of the Dream, The FBI vs The Catholic Church, & The War on Kids

Embrace Ally-shoring, Instead of Off-Shoring

THE SHOW NOTES: What We Learned at the Twitter Hearings

The Obvious Problem

Trump Plays Checkers, DeSantis Plays Chess

THE SHOW NOTES: The State of Our Union, DeSantis Plays It Smart, & Details on the Balloon

Soon to be Forgotten

Against a Clean Debt Ceiling Increase

Democrats Are Done With Kamala Harris

THE SHOW NOTES: The Balloon, The Economic Course, & The State of the Union

The Balloon

Nikki Haley Enters The Arena

The Lies and Hypocrisy

THE SHOW NOTES: The Super Secret Spy Balloon, Attacking Karine Jean-Pierre, & Wasted Campaign Dollars

The Great Chicken Egg Conspiracy

Stop Lying and Spreading Conspiracies

THE SHOW NOTES: Where Does the GOP Stand Now?

Start Thinking About These Things

THE SHOW NOTES: The Nikki Haley Announcement, The Debt Ceiling Dilemma, & Trump Prepares to Take on DeSantis

Coordinated Retribution

The Joe Biden (and Kamala Harris) 2024 Problem

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Kamala Problem, Post-Objective News, & Democrats Want Georgia?

Cry ‘Havoc!’ And Let Slip The Old Dogs Of War

THE SHOW NOTES: Tyre Nichols and Intersectional White Supremacy Nonsense, The Failed Russian Bots, & The Left’s Religion Problem

Christ and Tyre Nichols

Gas Vehicles Are Cheaper To Drive Than Electric Vehicles?

THE SHOW NOTES: Gas Cars Are Cheaper To Drive Than Electric Cars, The Border Haunts Biden, & The Left Hates Religion

A Quiet Life

Biden’s Painful Path Forward

THE SHOW NOTES: The GOP Starts to Move Forward, Democrats Furious DeSantis is Winning, & Biden’s Painful Path Forward

I Told You So

THE SHOW NOTES: McCarthy Rejects Schiff and Swalwell, The Pro-Violence Stacey Abrams Advisor, & Witches Over Southern Baptists?

A Stacey Abrams Advisor Defends the KKK

Keep Ronna McDaniel at the RNC

Will Candidate Quality Doom Republicans (Again) In 2024?

THE SHOW NOTES: DeSantis Goes to War Against AP Wokes, Pence and the Documents, & The FBI Agent and the Russians

The Arguments of Abortion Are the Arguments For Slavery

The Perfect Example of Media Bias

THE SHOW NOTES: The Weekend Biden Document Dump, The Free Press is No Longer Free, & The Fair Tax Fight Gears Up

This Bothers Me

This is getting absurd

Correction and Expansion

The Atlanta Terrorist Story You Don't Know

THE SHOW NOTES: Progressive Utopia, SCOTUS Leaker, & Banning Coffee

The Domestic Terror Attacks You Haven't Heard About

THE SHOW NOTES: Blaming Republicans For The Debt Ceiling

A Waste of Money

Progressives Concoct Mythologies To Explain Policy Failures

THE SHOW NOTES: A Georgia Redneck Goes to Davos in Boots

The Republican Donor Class Is Now Talking 2024

About Those Globalists In Davos

THE SHOW NOTES: The World Economic Forum, Jim Banks Announcement, & Hunter Biden's Laptop

Rethinking Ronna

Here’s What I’m Telling Major GOP Donors Next Month

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Struggles to Explain Third Round of Documents

Joe Biden Buries the Classified Documents Case Against Donald Trump

The Financial War on Guns

THE SHOW NOTES: The Democrats Latest Conspiracy Theory

The Closing Conservative Mind

Disturbing Details From Biden's Declaration of North America

THE SHOW NOTES: Locked Garage, Gas Stove Data, & Breaking Up The FDA

It's Time For a Break Up

THE SHOW NOTES: Cancelling Flights, Unbanning Gas Stoves, & The Growing Economic Mess

A Personal Note

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Why Sports Dominated In 2022

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Classified Document Coverup

Different, But the Same

THE SHOW NOTES: Speaker McCarthy, Banning Gas Stoves, & Georgia vs TCU

The Necessary Fight

Let Speaker McCarthy Happen Now

How The Speakers Fight Will Prevent Congress From Governing By Crisis

THE SHOW NOTES: 12th Times The Charm!

Chip Roy Is Making Congress Better

My Conversation With Congressman Dan Bishop

My Inside Scoop On The McCarthy Vote

THE SHOW NOTES: Seventh Times The Charm!

Shhhh. Have You Realized This?

The Skewed McCarthy Coverage

THE SHOW NOTES: The Speaker Fight Is Worse Than You Think

Here's How to Get a Speaker of the House by Noon

The Death Cult Goes on 60 Minutes

THE SHOW NOTES: Monday Night Football, #NeverKevin, & Marry The Short Guy

It's Not About Who Will Be, But Who Won't Be

Back to the Grind