Sitemap - 2024 - Erick Erickson's Show Notes

Georgia Part 2

For Georgia Residents

THE SHOW NOTES: Scottie Scheffler Arrested, Surging Consumer Debt, & What Happened In Congress Last Night

Joy Cometh In The Morning

Outrage: Harrison Butker Shared Catholic Views At A Catholic University

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Executive Privilege, Dow 40K, & Don't Forget Nakba

The Right Goes Marxist, Trans-Conservative

The Problem With Biden's Debate Schedule

THE SHOW NOTES: The Great Debate, Inflation Movement, & Biden’s Bizarre Backtrack

The Press As Prostitutes for Democrats

With Friends Like Us, Who Needs Enemies?

THE SHOW NOTES: White House Denies Polling, Biden's Plan For Gaza, & Steny Hoyer Blasts Fellow Democrats

Which Way Forward?

How Serious Are Democrats About Trump?

THE SHOW NOTES: Polling Data, Fareed Zakaria's Message, & Bill Clinton’s Pollster

Giving People a Reason to Vote Trump

What a Time to be Alive

Biden Is Unifying Israel

THE SHOW NOTES: Democrats Get Trumpy On The Border, Biden’s Rafah Mess, & The Under Reported Story Of The Day

A Land Flowing With Mendacity and Whorishness

Joe Biden Ditches Israel

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Officially Ditches Israel, Biden Shrugs Off Prices, & Voters Worried About Democracy Under Biden

Joe Biden's Impeachable Moment

Democrats Lose Control of the Plot

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump Case Delayed, Stormy's Explicit Account, & Israel vs Biden

When Republicans Defend Joe Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: When Is a Ceasefire Not a Ceasefire?

Br'er Rabbit In the Briar Patch

When Polling Dictates Policy

THE SHOW NOTES: Holding Help for Israel, Kristi Noem's Disastrous Interview, & What Is Wrong With Taylor Lorenz

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Why Biden Can't Simply Denounce Antisemitism

THE SHOW NOTES: Police On College Campus, Protestors Unite In Alabama, & Kristi Noem Digs In

A Lack of Imagination

The Democrats' Favorite Republican

THE SHOW NOTES: The Antisemites Turn Violent, Marjorie Wants Democrats In Charge, & Hard Truths About Biden

MSNBC Wants Trump Assassinated

The Hidden Benefits of Helping Ukraine

THE SHOW NOTES: Testing The Next War, College Campus Riots, & Currency Collapse

The Summer Riot Season

What Is Wrong With Kristi Noem?

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump Big Lead, Biden's Brother, & Antisemitism On College Campus

The Trends Hold

Do Christians Have An Obligation To Vote?

THE SHOW NOTES: Pesky Inflation, Booming Antisemitism, & Theft in San Fran

The Key Detail Missed In Trump's SCOTUS Case

The Show Notes: SCOTUS Ruling on Trump, That's Bidenomics, & Biden’s Anti-Business Agencies

The Most Disturbing Part of It

"I'm sorry, but no."

Biden Fails His Moment

THE SHOW NOTES: Spreading Protests, Defending Israel on MSNBC, & Too Many Solar Panels

Joe Biden’s “Fine People on Both Sides” Moment

Where is Joe Biden?

THE SHOW NOTES: Charlottesville and Columbia, Funding Ukraine, & Kicking Out US Forces

Axis and Allies

THE SHOW NOTES: Israel Responds, Columbia Calls The Cops, & Biden Kills More Drilling Land

Iran Should De-Escalate and Not Respond

THE SHOW NOTES: Speaker Johnson's Defense, MTG's Space Lasers, & Biden’s Worst Gaffe Yet?

Must See TV

THE SHOW NOTES: Woke NPR CEO, More China Problems, & Antisemitic Employees at Google

Rosa Parx Takes Over

Prosecuting Donald Trump

SHOW NOTES: Trump on Trial; Funding Ukraine; Speaker Who?

The Problem With The Trump Trial


A Predictable Narrative

THE SHOW NOTES: Attacking Israel, Pro-Choice Kari Lake, & Investigating The New York Times

The White People Are Doing It Again

It's The Economy, Stupid

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Economic Problems, Iran’s Imminent Attack, & OJ Simpson

Polling Is Not Leadership

The Crumbleys Go to Prison

THE SHOW NOTES: Stubborn Inflation, Biden And The Border, & What’s Happening in Arizona?

The Plague of the Easily Manipulated

Stop Ignoring Threats From China

THE SHOW NOTES: The China Problem, NPR Drifts Left, & Banning Transgender Athletes

Please Pick Up the Phone

Fear Porn In The Press

THE SHOW NOTES: Selling Out Israel, Trump’s Abortion Stance, & The Total Solar Eclipse

The Biden Doctrine: Speak Loudly and Carry a Limp Stick

Good Morning

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden’s Gaza Problem, Apple's Home Robot, & Stealing $30 Million

THE SHOW NOTES: The IRS Is Targeting You, Biden Trails Trump… Again, & Mayor Pete Thinks You Are Dumb

THE SHOW NOTES: Israeli Airstrikes, Debt Danger Ahead, & The Toolbelt Generation

He Is Risen

President Biden Declares Easter Sunday is Trans Day of Visibility

Christ Among the Dead

You Won

A Love Story

Split Screen: Biden Fundraises While Trump Mourns Fallen Officer

THE SHOW NOTES: The Double Standard at NBC, Biden’s Radical Judicial Nominee, & New York's Split Screen

It's Weird But Real

Social Media Goes Nuts With Bridge Collapse Theories! Is DEI to Blame?

THE SHOW NOTES: Fallout From Baltimore, NBC Fired Ronna McDaniel, & Obama Worries About Biden

The State, The Savior, and Sin

NBC Needs To Look In The Mirror

THE SHOW NOTES: Bridge Collapse in Baltimore, The Abortion Pill, & Biden Gains Ground Against Trump

Suffering Through

Is It Time To Purge The Right?

THE SHOW NOTES: Terror In Russia, NBC Hyperventilates Over Ronna, & Growing Israel/US Tension

Clean Up

Watching The World Burn

THE SHOW NOTES: How Smartphones Impact Kids, Donald Trump’s Cash Crunch, & Chaos in the House

BREAKING: Motion to Vacate Has Been Filed

A Due Process Violation

BREAKING: Biden's DOJ Wants To Kill Your iPhone

THE SHOW NOTES: The Failing Department of Education, Hispanics Trust Trump, & Biden’s New Car Ban


Breakdown: Trump vs Biden 2024

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump Says 2024 is Rigged, New Climate Rules Start Today, & Politico's Worst Headline Yet?

The Bloodbath in Florida Last Night

The Media Who Cried Wolf

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Finishes Selling Out Israel, Rent Gouging, & The EV Boom Implodes

The Right's Turn to Violence

Chuck Schumer Sells Out Israel

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Yells at Staff, The Full “Bloodbath” Comment, & Trump's $454 Million Bond

The Coming Bloodbath

THE SHOW NOTES: Phony Willis, Bernie's Four Day Work Week, & Schumer’s Israel Mockery

One of the Good Guys

Go Touch Some Grass

THE SHOW NOTES: TikTok’s Future, Biden’s Israel Flip-Flop Flipped Again, & Democrats Declare War On Third-Party

TikTok Delenda Est

China And TikTok Need To Go

THE SHOW NOTES: The Biden vs Trump Rematch, Banning TikTok, & Why Nick Saban Retired

The Best They Have Is A Lie

Questioning Robert Hur

THE SHOW NOTES: Inflation Jumps, Hur Testifies, & Spying on Customers

Will the GOP Become The American Judas?

Warning! Progressives Will Blame You

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Red Line, Defending Murderers, & Pittsburgh Has No Police

An Example of Why Trump is Beating Biden

Donald Trump Attempts to Sabotage His National Security Legacy Because He's Mad

State of Disunion

THE SHOW NOTES: State of Disunion, The Jobs Data, & TikTok Did What?

Angry Old Man Yells at America

Preview: State of the Union

THE SHOW NOTES: State of the Union, No Ceasefire, & China Deletes America

The Evils of Two Lessers

The End of the Beginning

BREAKING: Someone is trying to memory hole the truth

Pride, Humility, and Unanimity

THE SHOW NOTES: SCOTUS Sides With Trump, Biden's Polling Problem, & What is happening in the Biden Administration?

BREAKING: 9-0. Experts Hardest Hit.

If The Election Were Held Today, Trump Would Win

THE SHOW NOTES: KJP Blames Republicans, Shielding President Biden, & A Warning From Chick-fil-A

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Border Cave, The Letter To Fox, & Ditching San Fran

Mitch McConnell Doesn't Care

I'm Not Done With Athens-Clarke County

THE SHOW NOTES: Red Flags in Michigan, Violent Illegal Immigrant Crime, & The Looming Fiscal Cliff

Joe Biden Just Had His Bush v Buchanan Moment.

The Alabama IVF Case

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden Stays Up “Late”, Aaron Bushnell, & Ignoring Kim Jong Un

Aaron Bushnell and Hamas Flambé

Now Can We Talk About Illegal Immigration?

THE SHOW NOTES: Laken Riley, Biden’s Michigan Problem, & The Most Unbelievable Two Paragraphs Ever Written

Quid est veritas?

How Many More Dead Americans Before Joe Biden Acts?

Apparently Everyone Is A Christian Nationalist

THE SHOW NOTES: Catherine Herridge, Chinese Hackers, & And Currently on MSNBC…

The Zombie Conservative Movement

Democrats And the "Income Gap"

Google's Pseudo Diversity

THE SHOW NOTES: Staggering Illegal Immigration, Seizing Trump's Building, & Is Biden Buying Votes?

Barack Obama Was Right

Screaming About Christian Nationalism

THE SHOW NOTES: Turning on Biden, Israeli Economic Problems, & What Is Happening In China?

Registration Is Live For the 2024 Gathering

Just a brief head's up

We’re Still the Best, Despite What Some Say

THE SHOW NOTES: Fani Willis, Alexei Navalny, & The Chinese Giraffes?

A World Order, If You Can Keep It

The Other Side Of The Kansas City Shooting

THE SHOW NOTES: A Shooting in Kansas City, Biden’s Hur Problem, & Where's The Voter Fraud

Congressman Mike Turner Should Lose His Chairmanship

Democrats Fume at Jon Stewart

THE SHOW NOTES: The New National Security Threat, Jon Stewart, & The Special Election

Republicans, Repeat After Me: "Release the transcript."

The Uncomfortable Truth About The Lakewood Church Shooting

THE SHOW NOTES: The Inflation Problem, China's Military Advantage, & The Most Watched Program Ever

Is It Just Me?

The Democrats Panic Over Biden's Bad Week

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Foreign Policy Mess, The Church Shooter, & Can Democrats Ditch Biden?

Which Of You Were Conned?

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Bad Thursday

The Biggest Take Away From the Supreme Court Yesterday


🚨🚨🚨 Crisis Hits the Democrats

THE SHOW NOTES: The Supremes Weigh Trump, Democrats Actually Do Hate America, & Climbing The Vegas Sphere

This Gridlock is a Feature, Not a Bug

Republicans, Now Is The Time For School Choice

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Latest Gaffe, Republicans' Mayorkas Problems, & Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Here is why Joe Biden is skipping a Super Bowl interview

Returning To The Dark Ages

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Growing Problems, Seattle Kills Demand, & Trump's Election Immunity

Misreading the Room on the Border

Explaining The Border Bill

THE SHOW NOTES: GOP Border Wars, Biden Loses Africa To Russia, & Taking Drugs With Elon Musk

Democrats Will Not Listen

How Biden's Border Debacle Directly Helps China

THE SHOW NOTES: The Two-Parent Privilege, Major Jobs Report, & What is going on at Politico?

They Think You Are Stupid

Biden Warns The Iranians Of Our Plans To Attack The Iranians

THE SHOW NOTES: MAGA Money Problems, Fani Willis, & Hamas Is Not Militant?

When Losing Becomes Profitable

Stacey's Grift Finally Exposed

THE SHOW NOTES: DC Crime Chaos, Suing the NCAA, & Stacey Abrams Closes Up Shop

Please Go Touch Some Grass

The Paths to Victory For Trump and Biden

THE SHOW NOTES: What To Do With Iran, Investigating Cori Bush, & The Border Deal

THE SHOW NOTES: Ignoring Iran, UN Workers Helped Hamas, & On This Day in 2019...

Biden's Pattern of Tucking and Running.

Take the Good News

Why The Elite Support Open Borders

THE SHOW NOTES: The Border Civil War, Warning Iran, & Major Layoffs Hit Corporate America

The Biggest Story Happening Right Now

Donald Trump Should Go to Texas

The General Election Data Being Ignored

THE SHOW NOTES: The Press Pivot Begins, SCOTUS Sides With Biden, & What's Happening in Israel?

That One Simple Trick That Cut Crime 21% in Atlanta

How To Broaden Trump's Base

THE SHOW NOTES: DeSantis Out, Tim Scott Engaged, & The Red Sea Situation

My Day of Reckoning

The Haley Mary Pass in New Hampshire

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Cookout Debacle, Uvalde Details, & The EV Flop

THE SHOW NOTES: The Disturbing Uvalde Report, Texas Snubs Biden, & Jamie Dimon’s Warning

Jake Sullivan’s Iranian Swirly

The Pee Squatters’ Foreign Policy

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Houthi Backtrack, The Chinese Lab Surprise, & Protesting Kids With Cancer

Good Morning

Lessons Out Of Iowa

The SHOW NOTES: Iran Attacks The US, Trump's Historic Iowa Win, & The Other Insurrection

It Is Donald Trump's Party

You Shall Be As Gods

Everything You Should Know About The Iowa Caucus

THE SHOW NOTES: Houthi Attacks, Biden’s EPA Failure, & The Coldest NFL Game Ever?

The Reality of Slim Margins

The Indispensable Man

THE SHOW NOTES: Football Legends Gone, Debating For Second Place, & Why Are Young People Getting Cancer?

About Last Night

The Clown Show Meets Reality

THE SHOW NOTES: Hunter's Visit, Houthis Attack, & Tonight's Debate

Democrats Behaving Badly Get a Pass

Why Is No One Covering This?

THE SHOW NOTES: The Fani Willis Bomb, Progressives Want More Crime, & GenZ

A Mushroom Cloud Over Fani Willis: Serious Allegations Threaten to Derail Trump Case

Failing At The Basics

THE SHOW NOTES: NFL Ratings Dominance, Obama's Warning to Biden, & Where’s The Defense Secretary?

Merry January 6

Betting Against America

THE SHOW NOTES: China, California's Insurrection, & Job Numbers Explained

The Deafening Silence

New Year and National Security Threats Rise

THE SHOW NOTES: Ignoring The National Debt, ISIS Claims Responsibility, & That's Just Gay

Joe Biden Preps Endorsement of Donald Trump

The Racism in Defending Claudine Gay

THE SHOW NOTES: Racists Defending Claudine Gay, Hispanic Leaders Warn Democrats, & FatCon?

The Gay Story We Should Be Talking About

SHOW NOTES: Trump's Year; Gay's Plagiarism; Military Extremists

Trump's Year

Happy New Year