Sitemap - 2022 - Erick Erickson's Show Notes

Sorry. Sorry.

Last Chance

Confession Time

Merry Christmas

It's Time

The Path Through History

Brunson v. Adams At the Supreme Court

THE SHOW NOTES: The Twitter Temper Tantrum

Sixteen Years Ago, I Told My Wife She Was Going to Die

McCarthy Delenda Est

THE SHOW NOTES: Markets Tank, Banning TikTok, & Pete's Problem

If Trump Falls in the Forest And No One is Around…

THE SHOW NOTES: 'I don’t trust a single piece of paper in this organization'

You Need to Hear This. I Promise.

Avoiding The Conspiracies

THE SHOW NOTES: The Rest of the Inflation Story

It's Not That It's Not Important, But…

The Social Contagion of Transgenderism

THE SHOW NOTES: Fusion Energy, Surging Fentanyl, & The Latest Social Contagion

Failures and Failing Trust

Ignoring The Loudest Voices

THE SHOW NOTES: Sinema The Independent, Pesky Inflation, & Shadow Banning Conservatives


Candidate Quality Still Matters

THE SHOW NOTES: Brittney Griner Released, Republicans Voted Democrat, & The Missing Cartel Hitman

Cleaning Up the Right

The Lessons From Pearl Harbor

THE SHOW NOTES: Warnock Wins, Germany's Coup, & Shark Week's Lack of Diversity?

Here's Your Christmas Deal

Can We Move Forward, Please?

DeSantis Is Bypassing The Press And The Press Is Furious

THE SHOW NOTES: Another Election Day in Georgia

Save the Date

The GOP Helps a Bad Idea Surface in the Senate

THE SHOW NOTES: Warnock vs Walker, Progressives Fume, International Police, and The Twitter Files

What is the End Game?

The Sunday Sermon: The Return of Paganism

The Overnight Yawn

Kanye Cancels Himself

THE SHOW NOTES: Kanye Cancels Himself, The Primary Shuffle, & Media Coverage of FTX

Denying Kevin McCarthy the Speaker's Chair Makes Sense

THE SHOW NOTES: Florida Bails on BlackRock, SBF Flubs, Stacey Abrams to FCC?

The FTX Soap Opera and Epstein

THE SHOW NOTES: Union Blues, World Cup News, & Pelosi's Replacement

Do Better, Apple

Purging The Losers

THE SHOW NOTES: Renaming Monkeypox, The Ignored Story, & More China Protests

Senate Republicans Should Defend Religious Liberty

Surprising New Data on Isolation

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump's Dinner, Protests in China, & Brian Kemp News

Groundhog Day

Thank you

Get Ready for the Memory Hole

It's That Time

The Clock Runs Out

Stochastic Terrorism

THE SHOW NOTES: GOP Grift, Thanksgiving Costs, & The Worst Take on Ron DeSantis

The Future or the Past?

THE SHOW NOTES: World Cup Chaos, Democrats Agree With Trump, & Sports Betting on College Campus

It's About More Than Trump

Come Christian, Let Me Tell You the Truth

THE SHOW NOTES: Twitter, MBS, Trump Docs, & RNC Chair

Against Poo Flinging Monkeys

THE SHOW NOTES: McConnell Wins, Trump Drags, & FTX Worse Than Enron?


Nothing New Under the Sun

About The Trump News

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump 2024, McConnell vs Scott, DeSantis Wins Again, & Artemis I

Scott v McConnell

OK Boomer

Scam America: A New Issue for the GOP

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump Announcement, General Milley, & Kari Lake

No One Falls On Their Sword Anymore

ABM: Anybody But McCarthy

The Erick Erickson Show for November 14th, 2022

THE SHOW NOTES: Exit Polling, FTX, & Leadership Fights

Never Say I Don't Allow Contrary Voices Around Here

The Election Was A Little Bit of Everything

Regarding the "Blame McConnell" Spin

THE SHOW NOTES: McConnell Turns To Kemp

A Local, Atlanta Note

Move On

Happening Now

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump, McCarthy, Nevada, & Arizona

It Doesn't Stop

THE SHOW NOTES: Schrödinger's Wave Election

Republicans, Remember 1998

That Was No Wave

Election Night Coverage: 12:15 AM EST

Election Night Coverage: 7:30 PM EST Edition

THE SHOW NOTES: Finally! Election Day

So This Just Happened

It's Time

THE SHOW NOTES: Election Eve

My Final Assessment

The Old Man Put His Foot In It

THE SHOW NOTES: Trump 2024, Shooting at Candidate's Children, & Growing Pessimism

The Conversations The Media is Having With Democrats

THE SHOW NOTES: Democrats Fret Biden's Bizarre Speech

Democrats, Not Democracy, Are Threatened

It All Comes Back To Afghanistan

THE SHOW NOTES: Democrats Pounce (On Each Other)

The Recriminations Have Begun

My Favorite Pollster Explains The Coming Wave

THE SHOW NOTES: Non-Response Bias, Fresh Polling, & Republicans Up In New York

Some Breaking News

Something Is Happening

The Press and Paul Pelosi

THE SHOW NOTES: Kemp vs Abrams, Paul Pelosi Coverage, & Targeting Biden +20 Seats

The Early Vote

It is always and forever this way

The Erick Erickson Show for October 28th, 2022

THE SHOW NOTES: The Bird is Free, Pelosi Attacked, & Schumer's Slip

Forget the Polls. Here Are the Signs of the Red Wave.

THE SHOW NOTES: Sluggish Growth, Undecided Turn Decided, & Democrats Redeploy Cash

The Multi-Million Dollar Payment to Kill American Democracy

The Simple Reason Media Pundits Are Turning on John Fetterman

THE SHOW NOTES: John Fetterman, Lee Zeldin, & Biden's Secret Deal

BREAKING: New Data in Georgia Is Bad for the Democrats

Environmentalists Killed Democracy

Democracy is OVER if Democrats’ $46 Million GOP Investment is Successful

THE SHOW NOTES: Dem Moderates vs Dem Progressives, New York Times Story, & Brand New Polling

The Erick Erickson Show for October 24th, 2022

Meet the Dumbest Hot Take Ever

THE SHOW NOTES: Fair Fight Fail, Red Wave Alert, & Terrorist At The Border

15 Days

Is It A Sin to Vote For That Party?

Hey PCA Friends, You Paying Attention?

Democrats Provoke the Historic Threat to Democracy

THE SHOW NOTES: The Switch is Flipped

Liberate D.C. & The Silence of the Polls

THE SHOW NOTES: Biden's Oil Problem, The Political Hurricane, & News From Georgia

Hey Republicans Freaking Out About Turnout

Mitt Romney, Your Team Needs You

Democrats, Please Hear Me Out

Trump Is Spending. Just Not Much.

Has He Spent?


The Show Notes: Women Leave The Democrats, Herschel Scores On Warnock, & Biden's Border Chief Naps

I Told You So

Raphael Warnock Won't Support the Braves

The Show Notes: Dan's Dirt, The Georgia Debate, Virginia Insanity & Democrat Money Problems

The Darkness Does Not Just Fester Over There

The Erick Erickson Show for October 13th, 2022

My Conversation With Herschel Walker

The Show Notes: Inflation Surges, Markets Tank, Biden's Plea, & The Dodgers Goose

John Fetterman Can't Cognitively Process Sounds and Progressives Are Furious We Know

My conversation with JD Vance

The Show Notes: Georgia Polling, Fetterman Interview, & Blatant Border Lies

The Confidence Has Shifted in Georgia

The Erick Erickson Show for October 11th, 2022

The Show Notes: Saudi Arabia, War on Cartels, & Explaining Herschel Walker

Do They Know or Care How Radicalizing This Is?

Bourbon, the Gun Range, and Me

Politico Reveals A Sexual Assault Against the Victim's Wishes

Joe Biden Takes Us to Armageddon

The Show Notes: Biden's Armageddon, Sasse Leaves, Hunter Biden & Colts vs Broncos

The Show Notes: OPEC+ Ignores Biden, DeSantis Looks Presidential, & More Herschel News

Joe Biden Puts Rogue Regimes Ahead of American Families

Herschel Walker Begins His Response

How Kim Reynolds (R-IA) Just Exposed How Big the Democrat/Media Bubble Is

The Show Notes: Musk Still Wants Twitter, Biden's OPEC Problem, More Herschel News & The Iowa Ad

I Just Don't Know

The Show Notes: Herschel Walker, Joe Biden, Russian Nukes, & Markets Jump

About the Herschel Walker Story

The Old Rules STILL DO Apply

The Show Notes: Markets Surge, Democrats Pivot, SCOTUS Nonsense, & Ukraine Advances

On Ukraine

The Secular Religion's Response to Tragedy

THE SHOW NOTES: 1,000 Year Flood, Jewish Free Zones, & Biden Backtracks On Student Loans

Don't Worry

I Know Stacey Abrams is Toast, Here’s Why.

The Show Notes: Hurricane Ian, Markets Tank, & Kamala Loves North Korea?

Are Biden’s Brain Aneurysms Affecting Him?

The Show Notes: COVID Vaccine Prevents Hurricanes, Ian Makes Landfall, & Surging Mortgage Rates

The Show Notes: The Braves, The Hurricane, & The Student Loan Price Tag

Remember Iran

SHOW NOTES: Biden's "Instincts" and Quoting Chesterton

The Revolution Is Not Right Wing Backlash. It's Anti-Elite.

SHOW NOTES: Trump Will Spend On the Midterms; Economy is Tanking Quickly

Stacey Abrams has a problem with black voters

Erick Erickson Show for September 22, 2022

SHOW NOTES: Dems Resort to Lawfare; Markets Tank; Abrams Has a Black Voter Problem

Hoarding Cash. Hurting Republicans.

Erick Erickson Show for September 21, 2022

We Are Not a Christian Nation, But You Can Be a Christian in Politics

Show Notes: The Fed Acts; Biden Rallies the World; A Progressive Murders a Republican

The Clueless Academics of the Biden Administration

Erick Erickson Show for September 20, 2022

Show Notes: Brutal Reality Creeps Back In

That Was a Poop Show

The Second Elizabethan Age Ends

Erick Erickson Show for September 19, 2021

Ron DeSantis Interview

Ron DeSantis is on air live right now.

The Show Notes: Ron DeSantis Live; The Queen at Rest; Biden on Inflation

Why Does It Require Theater?

The Best Laid Plans

Just a reminder

Grifting to Loss

Martha’s Vineyard Trolling

The Erick Erickson Show for September 15th, 2022

The Show Notes: Strike Averted, Schumer's Woes, & The Chick-fil-A Hero

Doom is Coming

Lindsey Graham's Bill is a Good Start

The Show Notes: Inflation Woes, Railroad Strikes, Abortion Bans, & Russian Oligarchs

Events Change Things

Who is the Real Enemy?

The Show Notes: Markets Tank, Inflation Problems, & Twitter's Whistleblower

The October Surprise: Strike? Indictments?

The Show Notes: Polling Flub, Rail Strike, & Ukraine Surges

Brave Old World

September 11

Georgia Slipping Out of Democrats' Hands

The Show Notes: Kemp vs Abrams, Warnock’s Income, & Belgium Power

The Queen, Cloistered Isolation, and CNN

Leftwing Disinformation

The Queen is Dead. God Save the King.

The Show Notes: Queen Elizabeth, Snapchat Oops, & Fighting Inflation

The Return of the Dark Ages

The Erick Erickson Show for September 7th, 2022

The Show Notes: Rolling Blackouts, NRSC Probs, & Stacey Abrams

I Was Wrong

The Erick Erickson Show for September 6th, 2022

The Show Notes: The Special Master, More Oil Problems, & What Did (Or Didn't) Happen At BYU?

The Hubris of Resistance Legal Twitter


Some Ramblings

The Erick Erickson Show for September 2nd, 2022

Why Biden Gave A Speech Intended Not To Be Watched

The Show Notes: The Speech, Labor Markets, & Price Caps

Biden Goes Third Reich. Progressives Fawn Over Their House Fascist.

The Erick Erickson Show for September 1st, 2022

Republicans: Now or Never. Push School Choice.

The Show Notes: Blue State Students, Violence in Mexico, & The Superbubble

Progressives, Not the Pandemic, Hurt Our Kids' Education

Rhetoric Will Lead To Violence

The Show Notes: Herschel Leads, Biden Slips, & California’s New Problem

The Turn Begins

The Midterm Vibe Shift

The Show Notes: Walker Leads Warnock, Biden's Pro-Police Move, & The Housing Crisis

Regarding Matt Chandler

The Elites’ Last Stand

The Show Notes: NASA Postpones, McCarthy’s Super PAC, & Facebook

The FBI, Facebook, and Frank Church

The Sunday Sermon: Is debt forgiveness the "Christian" thing to do?

EXPLAINED: PPP vs Student Loan Debt Transfer (for dummies)

The Show Notes: Biden's Failed PPP Attack, Powell's Warning, & Zuckerberg's Rogan Interview

Why Herschel Walker Will Win

The Show Notes: Swing State Democrats Turn on Biden, Peter Doocy Interviews, & Surging EV Prices

Stop the Student Debt Transfer to Taxpayers

The Show Notes: Student Loan Bailouts, Ron DeSantis Candidates, & A ‘Tsunami of Shutoffs'

An Immoral and Bad Public Policy

The Show Notes: Canceling Student Loans, Biden's Failed Saudi Trip, & The Housing Recession

Seasonal Polling Disorder is About to Run the Democrats Off a Cliff

Nobody Cares About Liz Cheney

The Show Notes: Fauci Leaves, Markets Tank, & Natural Gas Booms

The Show Notes: The $70K CEO, Housing Recession & Zaporizhzhia

Georgia Investigation into Trump Goes Partisan

They Really Do Hate Us

A Federal Indictment Reveals The Russians Do Appear to be Funding American Extremists

The Erick Erickson Show for 8-17-22

Liz Cheney and America’s Political Realignment

The Show Notes: Liz Cheney, Libs of TikTok, & The Border Surge

Republicans, Can You Please Be Smart Instead of Letting Biden’s Tail Wag Your Dog?

Republicans, Don't Take the Bait

The Show Notes: Trump's Passports, Trouble For Republicans, & The Biden Tax

You Have to Move On

The Erick Erickson Show for August 15, 2022

Don’t Take Concern About Right Wing Extremism Seriously

The Show Notes: Biden's Afghanistan Anniversary, Democrats Press Abortion, & More iPhone Ads

Don't Lock Her/Him Up

The Sunday Sermon: Calm Down

The New Religion

The Show Notes: Merrick Garland, Donald Trump, German Firewood, & More

A Personal Theory

The Show Notes: A Spectacular Backfire, Janet Yellen Says Don't Worry, & The Fire Tornado

Democrats Hope Will Kill Them

The Erick Erickson Show for August 10, 2022

Inflation Matters Most

The Show Notes: Inflation Misinformation, EV Subsidies, & Trump Raid Details

The Ruling Elite Strike Back

The Erick Erickson Show for August 9, 2022

Distrusting The FBI

The Show Notes: Raiding Mar-a-Lago

A Precedent and Not About January 6

The Erick Erickson Show for August 8, 2022

The Show Notes: Inflation Reduction Act, IRS Audits, & Texas vs New York

The Trump-Shafer Inflation Act Passes the Senate

Biden's Back Door Gun Registry

The Show Notes: Dems Dodge Biden, Sinema Spending Bill, & ESG Pushback

The Collapse of Public Trust: Feelings Trump Facts

The Erick Erickson Show for August 4, 2022

Perspective on Brittney Griner

The Show Notes: Ron DeSantis, Jackie Walorski, Alex Jones, & Brittney Griner

Maybe Our Democracy is Just Fine

Kansas Proves Our Democracy Works

The Show Notes: Primary Results, Kansas Abortion, & OPEC Rebuffs Biden

Terrorist Ayman Al-Zawahiri Killed in the Home of a New York Times Contributor

Thanks to Biden, Al Qaeda is Back in Kabul

The Show Notes: Ayman al-Zawahiri, Primary Day, & Pelosi Lands In Taiwan

The N-Word Uttered Approvingly on MSNBC

The Erick Erickson Show for August 1, 2022

Democrats Will Raise Your Taxes to Fight Inflation

The Show Notes: Pelosi Visits Taiwan, Manchin's Tax Hike, & The Visa/Pornhub Case

GOP Consultants: Stop Blaming Others For the Problems You Created

The Show Notes: Joe Manchin's Surprise, Biden's Border Wall, & Jake Tapper's Interview

Recessionary Propagandists

The Show Notes: Biden's Recession, Stacey's Police, & Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Want to Drink From My Bourbon Collection?

The Erick Erickson Show for July 27, 2022

The House Freedom Caucus Wants Things To Change

The Show Notes: Herschel's Chances, CNN's Shock Poll, & The Youth Vote

Same Vibe. Same Result.

The Erick Erickson Show for July 26, 2022

The Georgia Investigation of Donald Trump

The Show Notes: Biden's Recession Denial, Kemp Testifies, Nick Saban, & Tomorrow's Hike

Democrats Funding an "Ultra MAGA" Candidate Again

The Erick Erickson Show for July 25, 2022

The Show Notes: What Is A Recession?

The Uncomfortable Truth

The Battleground Poll Democrats Feared

The Show Notes: The Battleground Poll, Georgia Shifts, & Planned Parenthood Lies

I Think It's Time

Biden gets COVID. You will too.

The Show Notes: Biden Has COVID (Not Cancer), ESPN Gets More Woke, & Police Funding

Here's Why the Democrats Are Focused on Climate, Abortion, and Transgenderism

Why I Don't Care About The Climate Crisis

The Show Notes: Biden's New Team, Mortgage Demand Plummets, & Racist Democrats?

Democrats Move to Mitigating the Damage

Did Ron DeSantis Pop The Democrats' Bubble?

The Show Notes: The Ron DeSantis Surge, Democrats Fund Republicans, & Brutal CNN Polling

You Are to Blame, Not Biden, So Shut Up

The Show Notes: Manchin Meltdown, Biden's Executive Action, & Energy Insanity

These People Are Not Well

Just FYI

Things Could Be Better

Jill Biden and the Tacos

The Show Notes: Taco Tuesday, Mohammed bin Salman, & Tampons in Boys' Bathrooms

Hunter Biden is a Shiny Object

The Closing of the Progressive Mind

The Show Notes: Europe's Hypocrisy, Biden's New Low, & The Red Wave Grows

Democrats Starting to Hope for a Mel Carnahan Moment With Biden

The Erick Erickson Show for July 8, 2022

The Show Notes: Japanese PM Assassination, Kavanaugh Harassed, & No More Recession?

Who Are the Monsters?

The Erick Erickson Show for July 7, 2022

The Show Notes: Boris Johnson's Exit, Progressives Lash Out, & China's Immense Threat

The Erick Erickson Show for July 6, 2022

The Show Notes: Warnock's Campaign Scandal, Biden Sends Oil Overseas, & The Far-Right Latina

The Show Notes: Insane Crypto Loans, Democrat Gen Z Problem, & Highland Park Update

Evil. Again.

The American Experiment

The Erick Erickson Show for July 1, 2022

The Show Notes: The Liberal World Order, Biden's Inflation Lie, & Smearing Clarence Thomas

🏳️‍🌈Best Pride Month Ever

The Erick Erickson Show for June 30, 2022

The Show Notes: More SCOTUS News, Kamala Backtracks, & Biden's Primary Challenger?

What About the Fierce Urgency For Truth?

The Biggest Case is Still to Come

The Erick Erickson Show for June 29, 2022

The Show Notes: California's Leak, Cassidy's Claim, & TikTok Problems

The Testimony

The Erick Erickson Show for June 28, 2022

The Show Notes: Biden's Beef, Macron's Slip, & Kamala's Flub

The Erick Erickson Show for June 27, 2022

Propitiation and the Left's Lurch Towards Charlie Hebdo

I’m Glad I Was Wrong

The Show Notes: Nancy's Push, Democrats Defect, & SCOTUS Prayer Ruling

Democracy in Action

A parting thought

What Happened To The Democrats?

The Show Notes: Roe v. Wade is Dead

BREAKING: Dobbs Overrules Roe v Wade

Kirkland & Ellis Favors Human Traffickers Over Gun Owners

Striking Down New York's Gun Law

The Show Notes: SCOTUS Gun Ruling, Biden Makes History, & Powell's Dissent

Moving on From 2020

The Show Notes: The Gun Deal, Big Oil Responds, & Democrats Losing Support

A Necessary Rebalancing

Explained: Carson vs Makin

The Show Notes: Election Day, Uvalde Update, & SCOTUS Ruling

For Georgia Voters

Eric Schmitt and Vicky Hartzler Need to Chat

The Erick Erickson Show for June 20, 2022

When The Press Turns On Democrats

The Show Notes: Swimming Sanity, Biden 2024, & Amy Coney Barrett

The Erick Erickson Show for June 17, 2022

The Show Notes: Pelosi's Silence, Trump Beats Biden, & Snubbing DC

Another High-Tech Lynching of Clarence Thomas

The Erick Erickson Show for June 16, 2022

Left Wing Terrorists Are Resurgent. Where's Biden?

The Show Notes: Jane's Revenge, Markets Bust, & Recession Odds

Promises Made. Promises Kept.

The Erick Erickson Show for June 15, 2022

Smearing Barry Loudermilk

The Show Notes: TX-34, Oil Threats, & Who Exactly Supports Biden?


The Show Notes: Rate Hikes, Price Surges, & Primary Day

Red Flags

High Gas Prices Are A Feature, Not A Bug

The Show Notes: Senate Gun Deal, Bear Market Status, & Biden's 2024 Plan

Your Bubble Is Undermining Our Democracy

Hell is Coming for the Democrats

Public Lies. Private Truths.

Show Notes: Show Time for Jan 6; Biden on Kimmel

The Show Trial Trumped By Gas

Show Notes: Killing SCOTUS; Boudin Booted; Democrat Doom

Even California Tapped the Brakes on Progressives

Show Notes: Biden to Help China. Big Pharma is Good. Boris Survives.

It Won’t Matter

The Show Notes: D-Day at 78; Biden Wants Out of the Basement; Crime and Consequence

Something is Rotten at the Washington Post

Democrats Start Squealing

The Show Notes: The Gun Talk, New York Democrats, & OPEC+

It's My Birthday

The Show Notes: Biden’s Saudi Backtrack, Seattle Madness, & What is a Woman?

Evidence Donald Trump Stole An Election

The Show Notes: Yellen Says 'My Bad', Dimon's Hurricane Warning, & Uvalde Police Chaos

Intellectual Inbreeding

The Show Notes: Biden Backlash, Canadian Gun Grab, & SCOTUS Leak

Rest and News

The Erick Erickson Show for May 27, 2022

I’m Sorry to Tell You This, Part II

The Show Notes: Uvalde Update, Gun Control, & Student Loans

The Sources Documenting the Failures. This Isn't a Gun Control Issue. It's a Societal Failure.

The Erick Erickson Show for May 26, 2022

I’m So Sorry to Have to Tell You This

The Show Notes: Beto's Bad Look, House Shifts Red, & Recession Signs

Solution or Issue?

The Show Notes: Kemp Booms, Perdue Busts, & Texas Shooting Update

Trump's 2000 Mules Got Stuck in Georgia Clay

The Democrats Don't Want a Solution to Gun Violence

The Erick Erickson Show for May 24, 2022

The Show Notes: SEC Primary Day, State Farm Backlash, & Gas Only Goes Up

I Won't Be Moving From State Farm. This Time.

Trump, Kemp, and Incumbency

The Show Notes: Stacey's Gaffe, SBC Report, & Defending Taiwan

Sin Exposed

The Elite Strike Back

The Erick Erickson Show for May 20, 2022

Head's Up!

The Show Notes: Trump Dumps Perdue, Biden Tanks, & Hunter's Back!!

The Erick Erickson Show for May 19, 2022

Success and Jackassery

The Show Notes: Kemp Tops Perdue, Democrats Bicker, & Optics Over Results


The Erick Erickson Show for May 18, 2022

Democrats Claim Evidence the GOP is About to Steal 2022

The Show Notes: Election Results, Canceling The Disinformation Board, & Democrats' Extinction-Level Event

Trumpism Lives On. That's Good.

The Erick Erickson Show for May 17, 2022

Events Change Things

The Show Notes: Press Secretary Flub, Primary Day, & Net Negatives

The Georgia Voter Guide

The Biggest Problem

The Show Notes: Buffalo Shooting, Russia's Retreat, & Bezos Attacks Biden

The Curious Case of the Accidental Senators: Don't Say They Can't Win

Biden Deflects The Blame

The Show Notes: Pence Backs Kemp, Crypto Meltdown, & Netflix Fights Back

Mike Pence Endorses Brian Kemp

The Show Notes: Market Mayhem, NRSC Swings Big, & More Biden Polling

Hostages to a Cult: Democrats Will Restore the Trump GOP

The Erick Erickson Show for May 11, 2022

The Show Notes: The Inflation Surge, Biden Loses Independents, & How To Land A Plane

This has the feeling of water pulled inexorably out to sea as the tsunami builds

The Show Notes: Aborting The Midterms, Inflation Madness, & The Unbiased Press Secretary

Either Allen West or the NRA Needs to Go Away

The Show Notes: Violent Abortionists, Faking The Oval Office, & 80 To 1

This is Why You Can’t Take Coverage of January 6th Seriously

Democrats Forgot The Clinton Lesson

The Show Notes: Jen’s Replacement, Sinking Ships, & Market Meltdown 2.0

Why The Fox News Poll Matters

The Show Notes: Market Meltdown, Dead Generals, & Kamala's Absence

Hysteria Rules the Day

The Show Notes: Abortion Meltdown, Trump's Win, & Dave Chapelle

They Won't Talk About The Law

Roe v Wade Ending Really Won't Change Anything. That's Reality, Not Downplaying Dobbs.

The Show Notes: SCOTUS Leak Edition

Roe v Wade is Ending

The Show Notes: Biden's Unpopularity, Putin's Surgery, & Misinformation on Disinformation

The Partisan Church Divide

Biden's Radical Appointee

BREAKING: Trump Just Abandoned David Perdue in Georgia

The Show Notes: The Disinformation Department, Biden's Midterm Mess, & Trump Swipes Perdue

Biden's Disinformation Department

The Democratic Cultural Attack

The Show Notes: Shrinking Economy, Twitter Meltdown, & Joe's Woes

This is inexcusable

The Show Notes: Student Loan Forgiveness, Russia Pushes Europe, & The Looming Recession

All Because the Left Went Nuts

The Media's Twitter Problem

The Show Notes: Elon's New Platform, Russia's Escalation, & No More Light Bulbs?

The Show Notes: Elon's New Company, Shanghai Lockdown, & The Praying SCOTUS Case

A Partial Solution

The Sunday Sermon: The End Times

The Show Notes: Kamala Staff Chaos, McCarthy’s Bad Day, & Dems' Alarm Bell

Dear Taylor Lorenz, Brian Stelter, and the Rest of the Press— why not show the videos?

The Show Notes: Reedy Creek Political Theater

On Reedy Creek

Progressives No Better Than January 6 Rioters

The Show Notes: Putin's Critics, Reedy Creek, & Mask Madness

How Are They This Inept?

The Show Notes: Libs of TikTok, Mask Mandates, & Trump 2024?

From Rugged Individualism to Rancid Individuality

The Great Divide Gets Worse

The Show Notes: Ukraine, Drill Baby Drill, & Dems Turn On Biden

Happy Easter

He Descended To Hell

The Good Friday Show

TUNE IN NOW: The Good Friday Show

The Greatest Event in History

Faith in Silence

Erick Erickson Show for April 13, 2022

Our Ways Are Different

Understanding, Grace, and Love

That Week This Week 2000 Years Ago

The Show Notes: Redistricting Woes, Trump's Prosecution, & Gender Madness

Future Planning and Patience

Erick Erickson Show for April 7 2022

The Show Notes: Shanghai Chaos, Title 42, & Ukraine Update

Overplayed Hands, Herschel Walker, and Podcasts

The Democrat-Media Industrial Complex at Work

The Show Notes: Russia Retreats, Recession Coming, & Blatant Media Bias

The Worst Played Hand in American Politics Right Now

Is the GOP Prepared This Time?

The Show Notes: Stacey's Rich, BLM's Palace, & Zelenskyy's Speech

Profound Certainty

Explained: The Problem With The Iran Deal

The Show Notes: Zelenskyy Speaks, Kamala's Staff Exodus, & Elon Buys Twitter

The Fight Ahead

The Sunday Sermon: The Eschatology of Secular Environmentalist

The Show Notes: Psaki Leaves, Ukraine Attacks Russia, & The Red Tsunami

Disaster Looms For Democrats

The Show Notes: Inflation Surges (Again), Dems In Revolt, & The Biden Investigation

The Biden Recession is Coming

It’s Still The Economy, Stupid

The Show Notes: Disney's Indoctrination, Recession Warning, & Russia's Regroup

Is Biden Fit For Office?

The Show Notes: Biden Doubles Down, The Hillsong Collapse, & Hunter Who?

Culture Issues Are Growing the GOP

The Show Notes: Biden's Europe Mess, Dems Polling Collapse, & Trump in Georgia

White House Says to Take Biden Seriously, Not Literally

The Sunday Sermon: An Isolated Society

Erick Erickson Show for March 25, 2022

Fang Fang Did the Bang Bang With Swalwell, But Ginni Thomas!

The Measure of a Woman: Alia Dastagir is an Idiot.

Show Notes: Biden's Trust Problem, Dems Support 'Don't Say Gay' Bill, & Defining A Woman

Why the Woman Question Matters

Show Notes: Suspending The Babylon Bee, Russia's Setback, & Trolling The NCAA

The Days of Our Lives

Judge Jackson Doesn’t Know What a Woman Is

Show Notes: What is a Woman?

Corporate America Doesn't Believe Trans Rights Are Human Rights

The Flaws of the Man

Erick Erickson Show for March 21, 2022

Show Notes: Lia Thomas, Democrats Punish Moderates, & Ukraine Retakes Mykolaiv

The Mass Psychosis of the Western World

The Media and Hunter Biden

Erick Erickson Show for March 17, 2022

Show Notes: Hunter Biden, COVID Returns, & Russia Bombs Children

Guns, Babies, and the USA

The Gun Control Movement Has Failed

Erick Erickson Show For March 16, 2022

Show Notes: Zelenskyy's Speech, Gun Control Fail, & Chick-fil-A Problems

Show Notes: Kyiv Chaos, Abrams Kickoff, & Oil Plunges

Joe Biden's Foolishness Provokes a Realignment Against American Interests

Erick Erickson Show for March 14, 2022

Russian Repression

Show Notes: Putin's Stuck, Brady's Back, & China's Market Crash

Get Ready for "The Hispanics Are Racist Now"

Deep Dive: The Truth About the Biolabs

Show Notes: Democratic Polling Collapse, Russian Biolab Lies, & More Inflation

We Don't Really Know

Cleaning Up Conservatism

The Show for March 10, 2022

Show Notes: Kamala's Poland Disaster, Inflation Surges (Again), & Russia's New Low

Joe Biden Wants High Gas Prices

My Interview With Marco Rubio

Show Notes: Kyiv in Chaos, Masks are Back, & Baseball Talks Stall,

A Notable Endorsement

Some Basic Truths on Oil

The Truth About Oil and Biden’s Speech

Erick Erickson Show for March 8, 2022

Show Notes: Ukrainian Refugee Crisis, Record Gas Prices, & Biden's Energy Ban

The Cognitive Decline of American Policy

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Biden and the Hispanic Exodus

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This is Appalling

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My Conversation With Rep. Lauren Boebert: Why She Shouted Down Biden

Biden's Problematic SOTU Address

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Really? That Was It?

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The State of the Union is Not Good

Erick Erickson Show for February 28, 2022

Can We Stop With the Idiots?

Show Notes: Ukraine Update, Biden Problems, & Secret Democrat Poll

Damn Their Dithering. Grandpa Dementia Leads From Behind.

The Sunday Sermon: What Do I Tell My Kids?

This White House Official Explains How We're Not Serious About Ukraine

Erick Erickson Show for February 24, 2022

Explained: Why Russia Invaded Ukraine Now

An Unserious People Confront a Serious Man

Environmentalists Are The Bad Guys in Ukraine

The Reality of the Situation

Biden’s Weakness Emboldened Putin’s Invasion

Putin and Ukraine: Democrats in the White House Means Putin Does Land Grabs

Erick Erickson Show for Friday, Feb. 18, 2022

Washington, Retaliation, and Idiots Commenting on Canada

Sunday Sermon: Retaliation and Christianity's Weakness

Democrat Pollster Tell Party to Lie to Win

I Miss Him Still

Parents Revolt in San Francisco

Air Force Vaccine Mandate Halted by Federal Judge

Palin v The New York Times

The Canadian Truckers Remind Me How Glad I Am To Be American

Durham Drills Down

I'm Starting to Hate Sundays

The Sunday Sermon: The Quiet Voices

The Winter of Death Comes For the Democrats This November And The Reverse Racism of the Trucker Protests

BREAKING: Inflation Surges To 40-Year High

NPR's Strange Race Obsession Leads It to Old News

The Trucker Revolt

Just a Note About CNN

When Did The Science Change?

On Betrayal and Screedalism

The Erick Erickson Show for February 7, 2022

Where Are All the Workers?

The Elite vs America: Masks Episode

The Sunday Sermon: Christian Liberty

Yelling at the Person Peeing

Parents Are Done With Mask Mandates

I'm going to regret writing this

Erick Erickson Show for February 3, 2022

The Coming Revolt Against the Elite

Snuff Out the Torch

The Erick Erickson Show for February 2, 2022

BREAKING: CNN President Jeff Zucker is Out

Neither Whoopi Goldberg Nor Joe Rogan Should Be Punished

The Media Needs Trump

The Banality of Evil: Joe Rogan and China

The Sunday Sermon: Hugh Hefner is Exactly Who We Thought

How Democrats’ Polling Disaster Will Impact Biden’s SCOTUS Pick

I need to remind you of something

Will Republicans Blow It

Will Republicans Blow It?

An Update: New Polling Just Hit

David Perdue Internal Polling to Current Q Poll Shows An 11 Point Increase in Brian Kemp's Polling And 10 Point Decrease For Perdue.

BREAKING: Stephen Breyer Will Retire

When A President Can’t Handle The Basics

Through Sarcastic Name Calling, Biden Admits He Knows the Democrats Are Toast

Why Ukraine Matters

A Brief Reset

The Sunday Sermon: Marching for Life

Joe Biden as a Simpsons Parody

The Anniversary of the Dementia Patient

The American Press Corps' Complicity in Killing Democracy

Thoughts on all sorts of things, including the PCA

Tender Smoked Ribs

The Trump Haters Have Only Trump

It's Only Sensical For the Nonsense

Sunday Sermon: God's Got a Plan

Democrats Deploy Filibuster to Stop Cruz While Plotting to Kill the Filibuster.

I Confess Mild Sympathy For Chuck Schumer

Joe Biden’s Katrina Moment

Answering That Question

The Democrats Are a Bigger Threat to the Republic Than Republicans

Biden's Lost Cause

Biden in Georgia: A Strategic Failure; A Tactical Nightmare

A point of personal privilege

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

A Riotous Future

Stand By For Riots

Truth At an End

Here’s How the SCOTUS Hearing Went on the Vaccine Mandate

Just a Quick Note Today

The Truth About January 6

The Democrats' Problems

Franklin Explains the Democrats' Problem

Why is Schumer Picking This Fight Now? Because It's The Only Card Left to Play.

People's Presuppositions Changed

This Story Has a Happy Ending

January 6th Was an Obvious Progression

Here We Go Again